Lesson 5grammar

Lesson 5
A Date with Another Woman
Grammar in Use
make + O + OC
think + O + OC
 The news made him
 I think the project difficult.
find + O + OC
 I found the movie thrilling.
consider + O + OC
 Henry considered the
exotic cuisine weird.
S + V (make/find/think/consider…) + it + Adj
(+ for sb) + to V…
Lillian found it easy (for her) to ride a bicycle.
it 做虛受詞,代替 to ride a bicycle
easy是受詞補語,形容受詞 it
 easy形容to ride a bicycle
 莉莉安發現騎腳踏車很簡單
S + V (make/find/think/consider…) + it + Adj
(+ for sb) + to V…
People think that it is unusual to have a
typhoon in the spring.
to have a typhoon in the spring
People think it unusual to have a typhoon
in the spring.
S + V (make/find/think/consider…) + it +
NP + to V…
Many people believe that it is a waste of
time to join the army.
Many people believe it a waste of time to
join the army.
Let’s Try (A) p.99
2. Irene considered it time-consuming to do the
3. They think it impossible to complete the task
by next Monday.
4. Bob finds it important to attend that meeting
every year.
5. Airplanes make it possible to travel the world
in a short time.
Let’s Try (B) p.100
1. He thinks it impossible to catch the train.
2. He found it embarrassing to be yelled at by
her in public.
3. They always find it hard to wake her up in the
4. She considered it funny to see Jason dressed
up as a bear.
5. They make it easy to communicate with
people far away.
S + V + as if + S + were/V-ed…
As if 引導副詞子句,表示「與現在事實相
The boy behaves as if he were an adult.
The children cried as if he broke his arms.
S + V-ed + as if + S + had Vpp…
Tom helped Mary do the project, but she
talked as if she had finished it on her own.
Tina reacted surprisingly to Tom’s proposal
as if she had never thought about getting
Let’s Try (A) p.101
1. Josh walks proudly as if he were a king.
2. Sarah is crying sadly as if she lost something
3. Mary takes good care of her young cousin as
if he were her son.
4. Gina is laughing loudly as if she saw
something funny.
5. I have never seen the woman before, but she
is smiling at me as if she knew me.
Let’s Try (B) p.101
2. She always asks me to do this and do that for
her as if she were a queen.
3. …the next moment she treats me as if I were
a stranger.
4. …he always tell me how expensive they are
as if flowers cost a fortune.
5. He acts as if saying these three words would
kill him.