Drewnowski Module 2 gauge student needs

Chemistry in the Environment: Gauging Student Needs
K-W-L Chart
What do you think you know about
Environmental Issues (global
warming, ozone hole, air pollution,
[Possible Student Responses]
 The earth is getting warmer
 Glaciers and Ice caps are melting
 There is an ozone hole
 Global warming and the ozone hole
are due to man’s actions
 Air Pollution is a problem
 Cars cause air pollution
 Air pollution is caused by humans
 Acid rain causes statues to erode
 Acid rain can burn your skin
 Some air pollution is from natural
 CO2 is a greenhouse gas.
 Recycling helps reduce waste.
What questions do you wonder
about Environmental Issues?
[Possible Student Responses]
 Why can’t we just replace the
ozone in the stratosphere?
 How can we stop putting CO2 into
the atmosphere?
 How is the ozone layer being
 What can be recycled?
 What are some other gases that
cause global warming?
 Does everyone think we are the
cause of global warming?
 What will happen if global
warming continues?
 Has this increase in temperature
happened before?
What have you learned about
how you can impact
Environmental Issues?
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