North Coast TeamWrestling Camp - Hood River County School District

North Coast Team
Wrestling Camp
Where: Seaside High School
When: June 21-24th
Who: High School Teams – middle wrestlers are allowed under their
head coach’s discretion
Cost: $100 per person. Includes: 3 dinners, 3 lunches, 3 breakfast,
transportation, gas.
Contact: Trent Kroll – Hood River Valley High School Wrestling
Email to [email protected] or call 541-399-6123 with
Check In: Sunday June 21- 5pm
First Session- Sunday June 21st 7pm
* we recommend that teams tour the Seaside boardwalk before
reporting to check-in or first session.
Last Session- Thursday June 24th 1pm
Guest Clinicians:
 Ahad Jovanseclie- 7 time Iranian national champion
 Kelly Coste- head coach Viper Mat Club
 Various coaches from North Coast Teams.
Camp Guidelines
1. Team coaches will be responsible for the conduct and any
disciplinary action (if necessary) of their team members.
2. Seaside High School Campers
 lights out @11pm
 team coaches will responsible for the ground maintenance
of their camp area.
Lodging: We will be sleeping in sleeping bags on the mats at the
High School. Showering in the locker room.
Transportation: We will be traveling together in the HRW Club Bus.
Departure 3:00pm on Sunday.
Confirm: With a check for $100 to Hood River Wrestling.
First 18 HRVHS wrestlers will be allowed to go.
June 2009
I hereby agree to assume all risks involved in participating
with the North Coast Team Wrestling Camp and agree not to
hold program’s staff, sponsors and/or officials responsible
for any liabilities or injuries to my child arising out of
participation and hereby waive any and all causes of action
which may occur to him.
Wrestler’s Name___________________________________________
Parent’s Name____________________________________________
Parent’s Signature_________________________________________
School___________________Grade_______________ Age_______
Medical Insurance Co.________________ Group/ID#_____________
Address: ______________________ City: ______________ Zip_____
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Emergency Contact(additional)_______________________________
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