Procedure for amending the IEP to include related services

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1. The case manager will enter the addendum date and narrative into the
“Addendum” section on the Narratives tab, i.e.:
 11/12/2007: It is the consensus of the IEP team that the IEP will
be amended to include related services at a rate of X time per
week for X minutes for the [or the remainder of the] 20xx-20xx
2. The case manager will add the related service provider to the IEP team
and follow with an email reminder to add narrative, goals/objectives and
services to the IEP. Please reference the CONTRACTED SERVICE PROVIDERS &
3. The related service provider will update the IEP within 24 hours of
notification that they have been added to the IEP team.
4. The case manager will create a draft document and convene the meeting
to include the proposed services in the IEP.
5. Once the addendum is signed, the case manager will finalize the
document and provide the related service provider with a copy of the
addendum to indicate the start date of services.
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