Stud Fees and Breeding Info

Kingsland Labradors
Stud Service
(Signed Guarantee of Mating)
The Bitch______________________________________ Reg. No. ______________
Owned by _______________________________________________________________
Address ________________________________________________________________
Was bred to my STUD DOG – Kingsland’s Super Cooper
Reg. No. SR52142806
Dates bred ________________________________ 2012/ Due to whelp ________ 2012
Time ____________________________________
Tie ______________________________________
Deposit Rec’d $ _____________________ Balance Rec’d $ ______________________
Additional Conditions: ___________________________________________________
Conditions of Service:
Stud Fee $750
Natural Breeding: Owner of stud will receive $200 nonrefundable deposit upon arrival of
bitch. Owner of stud guarantees that service will place the fertile bitch in whelp. Stud fee
will be reduced to $200/pup if less than three (3) pups result in a litter.
If the bitch fails to be in whelp, the bitch owner must give notice to the owner of stud dog
no later than 65 days following date of service. If notified, a return service will be given
to the same bitch at her next heat.
It is specifically agreed hereby, that remaining balance of stud fee is due when the AKC
litter registration is sent for signature. Application for litter registration will be signed at
this time.
It is specifically agreed hereby, that the owner of the stud is not obligated to sign litter
registration until and unless the stud fee has been paid in full.
This service includes boarding of bitch for first 7 days at no charge. Starting day 8th,
boarding charge is $20 per day.
All veterinary costs are the responsibility of the bitch owner. No costs will be incurred
without permission unless it is an emergency.
SIGNED __________________________________________________
Owner of stud dog
SIGNED ___________________________________________________
Owner of bitch