Midway City Building Site Disturbance Permit Checklist

Midway City Site Disturbance Permit Checklist
These items are considered the minimum submittal requirements
for a Site Disturbance Permit
A Utah State DEQ permit is required when lot is larger than 5 acres
Name of person responsible for the Site Disturbance, including evening and weekend numbers
Intended sequence of major events
Estimated total area which will be disturbed by excavation, grading, or other activities
Estimated start and finish dates for this project
Indicate that Best Management Practices (BMPs) will be in place prior to any excavation
Three (3) copies of the site description, including a map* with spot elevations and contour lines
which shall include:
Drainage patterns
Approximate slopes after major grading
Areas of soil disturbance
Areas which will not be disturbed and how this area will be marked and protected
during construction
Locations of control measures, a minimum to include:
Perimeter control
Concrete wash-out area
Storage area for construction chemicals
Method to prevent tracking of sediment and debris onto street and sidewalk
Locations where stabilization practice and BMPs will occur
Existing and proposed storm drain systems and irrigation ditches
Storm water discharge locations
Area to be used for topsoil storage
Areas to be used for excavated material storage
Curb and sidewalk protection (Dirt ramps over sidewalks and curbs prohibited)
Proper installation of BMPs indicated on the site map
Construction drawing details for each proposed BMP
Inspection log with required frequency of every seven days and during or immediately after each
storm of .5 inches precipitation or more
Maintenance requirements for each BMP
Schedule for placement and removal of BMPs as the job progresses
Indicate that BMPs will remain in place and be maintained until the site is revegetated and
Proposed long-term stabilization requirements
* May be included on the site plan for small projects, if space permits