Algebra 2 Linear Data Project

Algebra 2 Linear Data Project
Due Date:
With a partner or on your own, you will first choose a topic for data collection. The topic
should involve 2 measurements that you think are related linearly (i.e. as one value
increases, so does the other and vice versa). You should collect at least 12 pieces of data
(ordered pairs) by surveying/measuring/polling/etc your family, friends, teachers,
classmates, etc. The final report should be type written in paragraph form and include
responses to each of the following tasks:
1. Identify the independent and dependent variables. Explain why you chose to assign them as
independent versus dependent (or perhaps why they may be labeled either way). Be sure to
choose appropriate units for each variable.
2. Include a table of your data.
3. Draw a scatter plot of your data. Be sure to clearly label your axes.
4. Using the box method, find the line of best fit and calculate its equation.
5. Using the graphing calculator, find the equation for the regression line. Graph this equation (in a
different color) on the same scatter plot graph.
6. State the slope, y-intercept, and x-intercept of each of your lines (line of best fit and regression
7. Explain the real world meaning of the slope, y-intercept, and x-intercept for your particular topic.
8. Give a reasonable domain and range for this function based on your topic. Explain how you
chose them.
9. Write a conclusion. This may include a comparison of your line of best fit and regression line,
predictions for other data, how your results would have been affected if more data had been
collected, and other such analysis statements.
1. Each pair or individual will give an oral presentation to the class outlining the major findings of
your work.
2. Presentations should include discussion of the topic chosen, method of data collection, a review
and statement on results of your findings, and a conclusion statement.
3. A visual aid is also required. This may include a poster, power point presentation, video, etc. Be
Topic Ideas (there are many more beyond this list):
Age vs. Traffic Violations
Cricket Chirps vs. Temperature
Average Temp vs. Distance from Equator
Number of Hours of TV Viewing vs. Amount of Physical Activity
Speed of a Car vs. Length of a Skid
Weight of a Person vs. Strength of a Bungee Cord
Gallons of Gas Used vs. Miles Driven
Age of a Car vs. Odometer Reading
Amount of Water vs. Time it Takes to Boil
Number of Calories in a Food Item vs. Number of Fat Grams