Fifth Grade Biography Project

Hispanic Heritage Biography
Due: Monday, October 14th, 2013
□ Step 1: Decide on a Hispanic person who you find fascinating or would like
to know more about.
Choice: ____________________________________
□ Step 2: Research & Writing
You will begin researching your chosen person. You may use books, websites,
magazines, encyclopedias or any other appropriate source. You will need to use
at least 2 sources for your research (they can be any combination of internet,
book, etc.). If you choose to use books, make sure you have two different books; if
you choose to use just websites, make sure to use two different websites.
What to research and write about…
Describe the early life of your person. _____ /25
-Tell about what kind of person he or she was.
-List their accomplishments/honors and describe this person. What did
they do to make them famous?
-Born on_______________
-Grew up in _______________
Tell about the work your person did. ____ /25
-Tell why his/her work or contribution was important.
-Did he or she invent something or teach others?
-How did he or she change the world?
-What lasting effects did your subject have on the lives of others?
What should we all know about your person? _____ /25
- How do we benefit today from him or her?
- What do you think was the most impressive thing about your character?
- Any other facts you find interesting
Tell how your person has inspired you. _____ /25
- In what ways would you like to be him or her?
- 2 facts about their country that you find interesting
□ Step 3: Choose one of the following formats to complete your biography.
***Projects may either be type written or written neatly by hand.
Cereal Box
Poster board
(Can also be done as a
collage with written pieces)
Paragraph Style
 NOTE: Whichever format you choose, you MUST include a
picture/drawing of your selected person somewhere in/on your project
and title it with your subject’s name. Decorate in a clean, readable
 NOTE: Remember to proofread, proofread, proofread! Have an adult or
older sibling proofread for you as well.
 You may add pictures that pertain to your subject and their country they
grew up in.
 If needed, I can provide construction paper for your student. If there is
time left in class, your student will be able to work on their project.
However, this project will be completed mostly from working from home.
The due date will be Monday, October 14th, 2013.