Tips for the Application Process

Tips for the Application Process:
To pass the paper screening process you must submit a quality application.
Complete each section thoroughly, and do not leave spaces blank or questions
unanswered. Don’t write, “See Resume”. Do not assume that the screening or human
resource staff will know information about you, even if you think they may know you.
Always explain in detail, even if you are a current employee or a substitute employee. If
relevant, include any non-paid volunteer experience and/or training programs attended.
Be truthful, if you are hired you may be terminated if false information is discovered.
Districts must fingerprint all employees and a report of past convictions is sent to them
for review. Not all crimes will disqualify you from employment, but not being truthful
may. Many districts will have you acknowledge a statement such as the following:
"As part of the pre-employment process you will be fingerprinted so that a background
check can be conducted. This entails reviewing a criminal history. Some crimes may
disqualify you from employment.”
Reference checks are typically conducted so make sure you have included accurate
information regarding your past work history. Carefully proofread all information for
spelling errors and check for all required signatures. Long Beach Community College
District accept only on-line applications. Applications completed online are much easier
for Human Resource staff members to read and will reach them directly. If you do not
own a computer, check with your local public library.
Be aware of application deadlines and give yourself sufficient time to prepare a quality
application by the deadline. A good strategy in responding to supplemental questions
that may be a component of the employment application is to type your responses on a
Word processing application such as Microsoft Word. You can more easily proofread
your response and fix any typing errors with the assistance of the program. Once you
have more final responses typed on Word, you can save responses on to your
computer and then copy and paste to the LBCC on-line application.
Finally, be patient, many times a district’s application-to-hire process can take up to six