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About Project Organize
Project Organize is designed to
help you develop your capacity for
effective community organizing.
Project Organize
We will build your leadership skills
so you can take responsibility and
enable others to join forces and
turn your combined resources
into the power you need to
make the change you want.
Project Organize
An outstanding
experience which
allows those who feel
voiceless to find their
voice and to share
their story uniquely
and persuasively”Andrew Castaneda,
Jack Layton School,
June 2015
We Teach
Five Key Practices of Organizing
Public narrative-Sharing your story,
Building relationships,
Structuring teams,
Taking action.
Leadership & More
We also teach the practical skills necessary for
successful engagement including:
• Public speaking
• Social media and digital engagement strategy
• Fundraising
• Communications and media relations.
Teaching Structure
• We provide lectures, small group sessions,
one-on-one mentorship through flexible hours
and learning locations.
• Sessions range from 3 hours, 10 hours to 9
modules of 5 hours each.
Our Ryerson Team
Ryerson Professors
• Olivia Chow, Distinguished
Visiting Professor
• Professor Myer Siemiatycki,
Jack Layton Chair
• Professor Winnie Ng,
CAW-Sam Gindin Chair
• Professor Lisa Barnoff,
Director, School of Social
Experienced Teaching Fellows from Project Organize
Excellent and comprehensive curriculum
delivered by an exceptional team of facilitators.”
– Kevin MacKay, Jack Layton Leadership School June 2015
Our Advisory Team
• Kofi Hope, PhD, Managing Director, Empowering
• Bob Gallagher, PhD, Communication Director,
United Steelworkers
• Anita Khanna, Program Coordinator, Family
Services of Toronto,
• Sean Meagher, Executive Director, Social Planning
• Dr. James Simeon, School of Public Policy and
Administration, York University
Participants of Project Organize
• Rabble.ca, 40 people, April 2015
• Community Development Workers Network, 80 people,
April 2015
• Social Planning Council of Ontario, 35 people, May 2015
• Danforth East Community Association, 16 people, July 2015
• Toronto Youth Cabinet, 30 people, July 2015
• Public Service Association of Canada, 20 People, July 2015
Previous Participants of Project Organize
220 Students (including 30 community groups)
Jack Layton Summer Leadership School, June/July 2015
“Enriching and Transformational!”
"I came into this program with enthusiasm and an
open mind. I left with much more. I now have a story
to share, a call to action to promote, and the concrete
skills to turn my organizing aspirations into a reality.”
"This leadership school is an amazing and inspiring
opportunity. It provides you with practical skills to
lead, organize and connect with people.”
If you feel powerfully about
something and do not know where
to start making a difference, this is
for you!”
- Leon Letto