Crafts involve learning a skill that results in a finished product which
is practical or useful. Students may work in several of the following
areas: jewelry, bead making, knotted bracelets/anklets, papermaking,
glass etching, marbling, bookmaking and batik. Little or no drawing
experience is needed.
Students will gain an understanding of color. They will produce
several paintings using tempera, watercolor or acrylic paints. Subject
matter such as still life, optical illusions, landscapes, portraits or
abstractions may be painted on paper, canvas panels, ceiling tiles and
walls. Some drawing ability is helpful.
Students will use clay to make mugs, bowls, masks and sculptural
forms such as animals. They will learn several basic clay skills such as
pinching, coiling, and slab techniques. Projects will be glazed to
produce usable objects.
Students will use a variety of materials such as wood, wire, plaster,
clay, paper mache, and cardboard to create 3 dimensional art pieces.
The sculptures may be abstract or realistic. Items are usually more
decorative than functional.
This class introduces students to the process of planning and
designing a building and creating a 3-D model of it. Models maybe
built of the following materials: foam board, cardboard, matt board,
paint and a variety of other materials. Students may add interiors,
exteriors and/or landscaping.
Drawing/Graphic Design
Students will use a variety of drawing materials. They will explore
and expand upon their basic drawing skills including lettering and
layout techniques. Media such as pencil, pen and ink, charcoal, pastel
and colored pencils may be used to create portraits, product designs,
landscapes and cityscapes on paper that can be transferred to T-shirts.
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