Drawing on the Right Side of

Drawing on the Right
Side of
the Brain
Learning to Draw
Learn how to see
Process visual information in a special way
used by artist
Learn skills to break free from stereotypic
Pre-instruction drawings: A record
of your art skills
A Self-Portrait
A Person, Drawn from Memory
My Hand
Turn to a fresh page in your sketchbook and
spend the next 2-3 minutes drawing a person
from memory… I’ll tell you when time’s up!
Why did we do that?
Drawing from memory brings forth
memorized set of symbols, practiced over
and over during childhood.
Children learn to draw by repetition of
Left untrained adults will continue to produce
“childish” drawings right into adulthood.
Your Brain: The Right and Left
L –mode
e -mode
Your Brain: The Right and Left
The Left hemisphere controls the right
side of the body
The Right hemisphere controls the left
side of the body
Right Brain
Intuitive Figuring
things out without a
logical order
Leaps of insight, often
incomplete patterns,
feelings, hunches
Divergent Thinking
differently, not following
the trend
Spatial Seeing where
things are in relation to
other things and how
parts go together
Non-temporal Without
a sense of time
Analogical Seeing
likeness among things,
metaphoric moments
when “everything
seems to fall into place”
Left Brain
Excel in math, music,
and chess
Verbal Good with
language, use words
to describe and define
Analytical Figuring
things out step-bystep
Rational Drawing
conclusions based on
reason and facts
Linear Think in terms
of linked ideas, one
following another
Logical Drawing
conclusions based on
Left and Right Brains
Shifting from L-mode to Rmode
Drawing is largely R-mode
L-mode is prone to be speedy, rush into
words, symbols take over
Vases FacesShifts from Left
To right brain.