2006 North American & British Theses

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Aberdeen (U.K.), 2006. DXN108096.
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cows. Ph.D., Reading (U.K.), 2006. DXN104643.
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resource problem in the common interest [Congo-Brazzaville]. D.F.E.S., Yale U. School
of Forestry and Environmental Studies, 2006. 3247177.
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regions of Ethiopia: Alinear planning analysis in Gurage zone. Ph.D., University Coll.,
Cork (U.K.), 2006.
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Malawi. Ph.D., Cornell U., 2006. 3195821.
Hereher, Mohamed El-Desoky. Monitoring spatial and temporal changes of agricultural
lands in the Nile Delta and their implications of soil characteristics using remote sensing.
Ph.D., U. of Arizona, 2006. 3235007.
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soil properties and plant response in acid South African ultisols. Ph.D., Colorado State U.,
2006. 3246285.
Juhola, S.K. Reconceptualising institutional interplay: A discursive analysis of agricultural
biodiversity [Ghana]. Ph.D., East Anglia (U.K.), 2006. DXN106856.
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fruit [Malawi & Zimbabwe]. Ph.D., Cornell U., 2006. 3195805.
Khumalo, Godfrey Ziba. Long-term vegetation trends and productivity under conservative
and light grazing on Chihuahuan Desert rangelands: Application to Swaziland beef cattle
production. Ph.D., New Mexico State U., 2006. 3214448.
Kizito, Fred. Hydrological consequences of two native shrubs in semi-arid Senegal:
Patterns, processes, concepts and methods. Ph.D., Oregon State U., 2006. 3208904.
Lewis, Laurajean Rehmke. Biogeography and genetic diversity of pearl millet
(Pennisetum glaucum) from Africa [Sahel]. Ph.D., U. of California, Davis, 2006. 3236028.
Magorokosho, Cosmos. Genetic diversity and performance of maize varieties from
Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi. Ph.D., Texas A&M U., 2006. 3246398.
Maideni, Francis. Characterization of maize testing locations in eastern and southern
Africa. Ph.D., Texas A&M U., 2006. 3210181.
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management practices in Niger. Ph.D., Texas A&M U., 2006. 3296467.
Mariner, Jeffrey C. Participatory approaches to the mathematical modelling of rinderpest
and contagious bovine pleuropneumonia [Sudan & Somalia]. Ph.D., U. of Guelph (Can.),
2006. NR17773.
McOdimba, F.A. Epidemiology of vector-borne diseases in cattle from SE Uganda.
Ph.D., Edinburgh (U.K.), 2006.
Medvecky, Beth Anne. The influence of legume residue management on chafer grubs,
bean root rot, and common bean productivity in western Kenya. Ph.D., Cornell U., 2006.
Minnis, Richard B. Development of a health management information system for the
mountain gorilla [Rwanda & Uganda]. Ph.D., Mississippi State U., 2006. 3241387.
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dairy cows consuming high forage rations in the eastern highlands of Kenya. Ph.D.,
Cornell U., 2006. 3195851.
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in West Africa [Sahel]. Ph.D., Howard U., 2006. 3230446.
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surveillance example. Ph.D., Colorado State U., 2006. 3233377.
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health and livelihoods. Ph.D., Essex (U.K.), 2006. DXN105292.
Adams, Justin Winfield. Taphonomy and paleoecology of the Gondolin Plio-Pleistocene
cave site, South Africa. Ph.D., Washington U., 2006. 3220557.
Alvrus, Annalisa Brigitte. The conquerer worm: Schistosomiasis in ancient Nubia [Sudan].
Ph.D., Arizona State U., 2006. 3210094.
Amherd, K.N. Reciting Ifá: Difference, heterogeneity and identity [Nigeria]. Ph.D.,
Birmingham (U.K.), 2006.
Anderson, David A. Power and competition in the Upper Egyptian predynastic: A view
from the predynastic settlement at el-Mahasna, Egypt. Ph.D., U. of Pittsburgh, 2006.
Arazi, N. Tracing history in the inland Niger delta of Mali: archaeology, oral traditions and
written sources. Ph.D., London, University College (U.K.), 2006. DXN097356.
Arnold, Elizabeth R. Regional mobility of domestic herds and their implication for
understanding subsistence and settlement within the Thukela River Valley: Laying the
foundations for investigations into settlement hierarchy and emerging inequality [South
Africa]. Ph.D., U. of Calgary (Can.), 2006. NR19176.
Arrigo-Nelson, Summer Joyce. The impact of habitat disturbance on the feeding ecology
of the Milne-Edwards’ sifaka (Propithecus edwardsi) in Ranomafana National Park,
Madagascar. Ph.D., State U.of New York at Stony Brook, 2006. 3250443.
Asah, Stanley Tanyi. Integrated analysis of human-environment systems: Socialecological resilience in Logone floodplain, Lake Chad Basin [Cameroon].
Ph.D., U. of Minnesota, 2006. 3230145.
Bartelt, Brian A. Healers and witches in Oku: An occult system of knowledge in northwest
Cameroon. Ph.D., U. of Southern California, 2006. 3257686.
Bergl, Richard Alexander. Conservation biology of the Cross River gorilla (Gorilla gorilla
diehli) [Central Africa]. Ph.D., City U. of New York, 2006. 3232001.
Boum, Aomar. Muslims remember Jews in southern Morocco: Social memories, dialogic
narratives, and the collective imagination of Jewishness. Ph.D., U. of Arizona, 2006.
Braun, David Royce. The ecology of Oldowan technology: Perspectives from Koobi Fora
and Kanjera South [Kenya]. Ph.D., Rutgers The State U. of New Jersey-New Brunswick,
2006. 3249275.
Butler, Tramayne Michelle. Globally connected yet culturally bound: Constructions of
cultural alterity among African Americans and Kenyan immigrants. Ph.D., U. of Michigan,
2006. 3208288.
Carucci, M. The Romano-Africa Domus studies in space, decoration, and function. Ph.D.,
Nottingham (U.K.), 2006. DXN101709.
Clark, C.R. Beyond borders: political marginalisation and lived experiences of Congolese
young people in Uganda. D.Phil., Oxford (U.K.), 2006. DN103730.
Cockitt, J.A. An investigation into the problems surrounding the radiocarbon dating of
ancient Egyptian artefacts, with special reference sources of old carbon contamination.
Ph.D., Manchester (U.K.), 2006.
Collins, Jendju. The Modesty Code schema in Egypt: Cultural transmission and
transformation. Ph.D., U. of Alberta (Can.), 2006. NR13954.
Constantine, S. Locating danger and negotiating risk on manjaco terrain for bayu, the
children of Caió, Guinea Bissau. Ph.D., Cambridge (U.K.), 2006.
Counsell, D.J. Intoxicants in ancient Egypt: the application of modern forensic analytical
techniques to ancient artefacts and mummified remains in the evaluation of drug use by
an ancient society; a historical and scientific investigation. Ph.D., Manchester (U.K.),
Croucher, S.K. Plantations on Zanzibar: An archaeological approach to complex
identities. Ph.D., Manchester (U.K.), 2006.
Duffy, Kimberly Grace. Social dynamics among male chimpanzees: Adaptive significance
of male bonds [Uganda]. Ph.D., U. of California, Los Angeles, 2006. 3252367.
Dunsworth, Holly M. Proconsul heseloni feet from Rusinga Island, Kenya. Ph.D.,
Pennsylvania State U., 2006. 3343677.
During, Elizabeth C. Transitional lives: Sierra Leone immigrants and refugees in
metropolitan New York. Ph.D., Columbia U., 2006. 3209364.
El Hadidi, Hager. Survivals and surviving: Belonging to zar in Cairo. Ph.D., U. of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2006. 3247668.
Exell, K. Asocial and historical interpretation of Ramesside period votive stelae [Egypt].
Ph.D., Durham (U.K.), 2006. DXN105970.
Fazzio, I. Parental investment among Arab and Dazagada nomadic pastoral societies of
West Chad. Ph.D., Cambridge (U.K.), 2006.
Foster, Kira Ellen. Clinics and citizens: Primary health care and the state in postapartheid
South Africa. Ph.D., U. of California, Berkeley with UC, San Francisco, 2006. 3228544.
Frank, Emily. Negotiating futures in the time of AIDS: Contests over inheritance in
Southern Province, Zambia. Ph.D., Indiana U., 2006. 3314672.
Garland, Elizabeth. State of nature: Colonial power, neoliberal capital, and wildlife
management in Tanzania. Ph.D., U. of Chicago, 2006. 3240089.
Giordano, Cristiana. Translating the other: An ethnography of migrant encounters with the
police, nuns, and ethno-psychiatrists in contemporary Italy [Northern Africa & Nigeria].
Ph.D., U. of California, Berkeley, 2006. 3253876.
Greene, Tammy Renee. Diet and dental health in predynastic Egypt: A comparison of
Hierakonpolis and Naqada. Ph.D., U. of Alaska Fairbanks, 2006. 3229734.
Hamdy, Sherine F. Our bodies belong to God: Islam, medical science, and ethical
reasoning in Egyptian life. Ph.D., New York U., 2006. 3221957.
Harambat, E. Creating places: Landscape, memory and identity in the mid-Zambezi
valley [Zimbabwe]. 2006, Oxford (U.K.), 2006. DN103725.
Harrison, Folarinde Christiana. What can I, a Ghanaian woman, tell about survival and
flourishing in America when I hear the stories of my peers through Kronkrontsee (spiritual
listening). Ph.D., California Inst. of Integral Studies, 2006. 3267938.
Hatcher, Jeffrey Lee. Relating paternity and population genetics in blue monkeys,
Cercopithecus mitis stuhlmanni: Empirical results and strategies for obtaining them
[Kenya]. Ph.D., Columbia U., 2006. 3249089.
Heaton, Jason L. Taxonomy of the Sterkfontein fossil Cercopithecinae: The Papionini of
Members 2 and 4 (Gauteng, South Africa). Ph.D., Indiana U., 2006. 3240029.
Hernandez-Aguilar, Raquel Adriana. Ecology and nesting patterns of chimpanzees (Pan
troglodytes) in Issa, Ugalla, western Tanzania. Ph.D., U. of Southern California, 2006.
Hodzic, Saida. Performing development: Women’s NGOs, donors, and the postcolonial
Ghanaian state. Ph.D., U. of California, San Francisco with the U. of California, Berkeley,
2006. 3247875.
Hough, Carolyn Ann. Disruption and development: Kanyalengs in The Gambia. Ph.D., U.
of Iowa, 2006. 3218889.
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Levant in the Late Bronze Age. Ph.D., Reading (U.K.), 2006. DXN104236.
Jackson, Jennifer L. Getting an edge in wordwise: The social and productive role of
political oratory and cartooning in Malagasy democratic political process. Ph.D., Yale U.,
2006. 3243642.
Jeffery, L.R. The politics of victimhood among displaced Chagossians in Mauritius.
Ph.D., Cambridge (U.K.), 2006.
Jones, Claire. From schoolboy stuff to professional musicianship: The modern tradition of
the Zimbabwean marimbas. Ph.D., U. of Washington, 2006. 3230773.
Jones, E.L. Locating citizenship within everyday life: Perceptions and experiences from
Kwoi, southern Kaduna State, northern Nigeria. D.Phil., Sussex (U.K.), 2006.
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complexes [Egypt]. Ph.D., Liverpool (U.K.), 2006. DXN111875.
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community in Cape Town, South Africa. Ph.D., Rutgers, 2006. 3203383.
Kahlenberg, Sonya Marie. Female-female competition and male sexual coercion in
Kanyawara chimpanzees [Uganda]. Ph.D., Harvard U., 2006. 3217780.
Kibutu, T N. Development, gender and the crisis of masculinity among the Maasai people
of Ngong, Kenya. Ph.D., Leicester (U.K.), 2006. DXN102862.
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Krygier, Tammy A. Late Eighteenth dynasty faience and glass from Malkata: A stylistic
and quantitative analysis [Egypt]. Ph.D., Johns Hopkins U., 2006.
Lampe, Frederick P. Right rites, faith and the corporate good: Anglican Christianity and
social change in Western Kenya. Ph.D., Syracuse U., 2006. 3242503.
Latreille, Martin. Rmayniyya: Feminisation de l’agriculture et condition feminine dans le
nord-ouest tunisien. Ph.D., U. de Montreal (Can.), 2006. NR23163.
Leichtman, Mara A. A tale of two Shi’isms: Lebanese migrants and Senegalese converts
in Dakar. Ph.D., Brown U., 2006. 3227874.
Livermon, Xavier O’neal. Kwaito bodies in African diaspora space: The politics of popular
music in post-apartheid South Africa. Ph.D., U. of California, Berkeley, 2006. 3253968.
Lockridge, Sarah. Conceptions of power and empowerment: A case study of women’s
associations in Segou, Mali. Ph.D., American U., 2006. 3243933.
Lowe, Candice Marie. When diaspora rules: (Dis)qualifying Creoles for a multicultural
Mauritius. Ph.D., Indiana U., 2006. 3204313.
Makombe, Farai Tengai. Seeking culturally attentive career advancement strategies for
women: Perspectives from Zimbabwean women. Ph.D., Colorado State U., 2006.
McCall, Grant Shields. Lithic technological perspectives on early hominid site use and
mobility strategies [Namibia]. Ph.D., U. of Iowa, 2006. 3225648.
Mekuria, Wosenyelesh. Modern-day griots: Imagining Africa, choreographing experience,
in a West African performance in New York. Ph.D., City U. of New York, 2006. 3232034.
Mittermaier, Amira. Dreams that matter: An anthropology of the imagination in
contemporary Egypt. Ph.D., Columbia U., 2006. 3237295.
Mohammed, Mohammed Hamid. Imagining and performing Habasha identity: The
Ethiopian diaspora in the area of Washington, D.C. Ph.D., Northwestern U., 2006.
Montgomery, Eric James. Converting the converters: The transformative power of Ewe
Gorovodu in modernity [Togo & Ghana]. Ph.D., Wayne State U., 2006. 3196219.
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2006. DXN108788.
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Madagascar: Evidence from Ankilitelo cave. Ph.D., Washington in St. Louis, 2006.
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Explaining success in a slum school, Apollo School, Nairobi, Kenya. Ph.D., American U.,
2006. 3255086.
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successful entrepreneurs and what it says about identity in Ethiopia. Ph.D., U. of
California, Los Angeles, 2006. 3254792.
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medical modernities between Senegal and Italy. Ph.D., U. of Pennsylvania, 2006.
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justice in Munsieville Township, South Africa, 1980-2003. Ph.D., U. of California, Los
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Biological Sciences
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secondary tropical rain forests [Uganda]. D.Phil, Oxford (U.K.), 2006. DN103655.
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