Title: Fossil Imprints Lab --5 points

Title: Fossil Imprint Lab --5 points
Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to create imprints of objects as they would appear in rocks as fossils from
millions of years ago. ---10 points
Procedure: 15 points
1. Neatly…Copy and underline the title of the lab on your paper. 5 points
2. Give your paper the correct C4C it needs! (minus 10 points without C4C)
3. Neatly… Copy the entire purpose on your paper. 10 points
4. Make 8 even squares on the back of your paper by folding your paper evenly. Use a ruler or straight edge to
completely outline the 8 squares.
5. Pick 4 flat objects that you can make a rubbing over with crayon or dull pencil. (no more than 1-coin or 1-key)
6. Label each set of squares to read: Front: (name of object) Back: (name of object)
7. Make a rubbing imprint of each object front side, then turn the object over and make an imprint of the back side.
8. Make sure you have 4 different objects labeled (front and back) and visible edges imprinted.
This section of procedure is worth 15 points and the data collected (imprints) are worth 30 points.
Discussion: ---20 points --- Complete Sentences!!!
1. Name three scientists who can use fossil imprints for research:
2. Describe how a fossil imprint can occur in rocks.
3. Explain why it is important to have more than one side of an imprint of a fossil.
4. Tell one use a fossil imprint might have to a geologist.
5. When making a rubbing imprint, why is it important to be very accurate?
Conclusion: ---20 points-- In your conclusion, hypothesize what scientists might conclude about all four
of your objects if they found your fossil imprints 3000 years from now! Explain comments for all four fossils.