Position Details
Reference: EOI—Director Corporate Services
Director Corporate Services
EL 2
Position Number
Canberra ACT
Corporate Services
Type of Vacancy and
Full Time
Non-ongoing opportunity may be offered for a period up to 12
Security Clearance Level
Negative Vetting Level 2
Position Contact
Executive Director Secretariat
Phone: (02) 6141 2300
Closing Date for Applications—11:59pm AEDT on 2 June 2014
(Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time)
The Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity (ACLEI) is an agency within the
Attorney-General’s Portfolio, established to support the Integrity Commissioner in carrying
out his or her responsibilities for detecting, investigating and preventing corrupt conduct in
prescribed Australian Government agencies with law enforcement functions. The agencies
are: the Australian Crime Commission, the Australian Customs and Border Protection
Service, the Australian Federal Police, AUSTRAC, the CrimTRAC agency and prescribed
aspects of the Department of Agriculture.
The Integrity Commissioner has extensive powers, including the ability to hold coercive
hearings, and designated ACLEI staff are able to use a range of law enforcement powers to
assist in the Integrity Commissioner’s investigations.
ACLEI is a small agency. While each staff member has his or her own primary
responsibilities and duties, staff must be team-focused and responsive to changing issues
and priorities.
The occupant carries direct responsibilities in the areas of Financial Management, Human
Resource Management, Workplace Health and Safety, Information Communications
Technology, Facilities, Security, Corporate Governance and Risk.
Vacancy Information
Under broad direction:
Provide high level support to the Integrity Commissioner and Executive through
contemporary strategic advice and management of a range of Corporate matters
of interest to the agency, including:
Financial management;
Human resource management;
Information and Communications Technology;
Facilities and asset management; and
Corporate governance and compliance.
Manage internal reporting requirements to the Integrity Commissioner and
Manage agency reporting as required and act as the agency contact for Portfolio
and external reporting matters. Manage the ACLEI Audit Committee Secretariat
Represent the interests of ACLEI and help manage ACLEI’s relationships with
relevant stakeholders including other Australian Government, State and Territory
representatives as well as the private sector as necessary; and
Provide other operational and administrative support as necessary to assist with
ACLEI activity.
Selection Criteria is based on the Integrated Leadership System:
Executive Level (and equivalent) Employees
 Shapes Strategic Thinking
 Achieves Results
 Cultivates Productive Working Relationships
 Exemplifies Personal Drive & Integrity
 Communicates with Influence
Position Specific—essential or desirable as indicated
 Knowledge of, experience in, or a demonstrated ability to quickly gain a broad
understanding of a variety of corporate support matters including HR management,
security, ICT, WH&S, facilities, risk and corporate governance and reporting
For assistance responding to the selection criteria and general information about applying for
jobs in the Australian Public Service please refer to Cracking the Code or ASPC Website.
Eligibility (Prescribed Qualifications)/Other Requirements:
This is a Designated Security Assessment Position. The occupant will need to be an
Australian citizen and will need to maintain a security clearance of Negative Vetting Level 2
ACLEI may also conduct a number of pre-employment checks/inquiries and any offer of
employment will be conditional upon the results of those inquiries.
Your application must include:
A completed ACLEI Personal Particulars Form available at;
A concise expression of interest providing a statement of claims against the selection
criteria, having regard to the duties of the position (no more than two pages);
Your Resumé; and
Contact details of two referees, one of whom must be a current supervisor.
Your application must be received no later than 11:59pm on the advertised closing date.
ACLEI’s preferred method of receiving applications is via e-mail to [email protected]
In some cases interviews may not be held if the preferred candidate is readily identifiable
from application and referee reports alone.
Information you provide to ACLEI as part of this selection process is collected for the
purposes of selecting a person to fill the advertised position. ACLEI may disclose any
information concerning your claims to the job and the assessment of those claims (including
your application and referee reports) to other persons inside or outside ACLEI, in accordance
with ACLEI’s functions.
Please note that this opportunity is only available to current Australian Public Service
employees and can only be filled through a temporary assignment of duties at the
same or higher classification (not a promotion).
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