H ong Kong 2010
The 8th Asian Computational Fluid Dynamics Conference
Hong Kong, 10-14 January, 2010
Template for the Preparation of Extended Abstracts and
Electronic Full Papers for the ACFD8 (14 pt Times, Bold)
(Subtitle should be in parentheses, if needed)
A. M. Author 1, I. A. M. Author 2, ETC (11 pt Times inclined, Bold)
1. Affiliation and address of the author 1 including e-mail address (11pt Times inclined)
2. Affiliation and address of the author 1 including e-mail address (11pt Times inclined)
3. ETC.
Corresponding author A. M. Author
Abstract (11 pt Times Bold)
(Abstract; 11 pt Times, within 100 words) This template should be used to aid in preparation of the
‘extended abstract’ for the textbook for the participants and the ‘full paper’ for the CD-ROM
Proceedings of the ACFD8.
It gives details of the preferred style in a template format to ease paper preparation and minimize
editing. Paper should be A4 size (210cm by 297cm) and the margins are, Top2.5 cm, Bottom 2.5cm,
Left 2.5cm, Right 2.5cm. Spacing is about 50 letters in a line, about 50 lines in a page. Column is
single column. Main body text is 11pt Times, Times Roman, Times New Roman.
Keyword: (11pt Times inclined), template, CD-ROM, etc. (less than 5 keywords are preferable)
1. Title of Section (e.g. Introduction) (11 pt Times, Bold)
This sample article is to show you how to prepare your extended abstract and paper in a standard style
for publishing in the 8th Asian Computational Fluid Dynamics Conference.
It offers you a template for paper layout, and describes points you should notice before you
submit your extended abstracts or papers. Please use the styles defined in the template for all sections
of the paper or extended abstract.
2. Preparation of Papers (11pt Times, Bold)
2.1 Submission of papers (11pt Times, Bold)
The papers should be submitted in the form of an electronic document, either in ‘doc’ (MS-Word) or
‘PDF’ format, using the appropriate document-template. Files produced by Pagemaker, WordPerfect,
FrameMaker, or LaTex are not acceptable.
The digital file of your paper in 'doc' or 'PDF' should be sent to the Conference Editor (E-mail:
[email protected]). In addition, one hardcopy of the printed full paper must be supplied and sent to the
ACFD8 Secretariat concurrently with electronic submission in the format of 'doc' or 'PDF'.
2.2 Paper length (11pt Times, Bold)
Extended abstract to be distributed to the participants of the conference should normally not exceed 2
pages and the full paper for CD-ROM proceedings should not exceed more than 8 pages with this
2.3 Style of writing (11pt Times, bold)
All papers must be in English (US spelling). Abbreviations should be spelt out in full the first time
they appear and their abbreviated form included in brackets immediately after. Words used in a special
context should appear in inverted a single quotation mark the first time they appear. Papers are
Paper number n
Author’s Names
accepted on the basis that they may be edited for style and language. The author himself is responsible
for the correctness of the scientific content.
Fig. 1 Sample Figure
2.4 Graphs, figures, photographs and illustrations (11pt Times)
Please be sure all graphs or figures do contain only English letters. Care should be taken over the
preparation of diagrams and figures and should incorporate color where it adds to the presentation.
Figures will either be entered in one column or two columns and should be 80 mm or 160 mm wide
respectively. A minimum line width of 1 point is required at actual size. Annotations should be in 11
pt and bold with the first letter only capitalized (see Fig. 1). Refer to figures in the text as “Fig. N”.
Graphics, figures, photographs and illustrations should be embedded in your digital file. If it is
not possible for you to save your graphics embedded, then save them separately using TIFF or PICT
formats, or any other graphic formats (GIF, BMP, JPEG with medium compression). Most native
bitmap formats should be usable. These graphics will then be merged with the text file of your paper
and placed at the end of the text. If you choose this option, please be certain not to include spaces
within the paper into which graphics will need to be inserted; graphics will be scanned and/or merged
but we will not undertake sizing, scaling, and specific placement of graphic elements within the text
file. Do not use images, which have not been optimized. Note that viewing resolution on most
monitors is electronically at 72 dpi, and if printed, will be usually at 300 dpi. Authors should consider
the possibility of full color publishing of photographs and illustrations for CD-ROM publication, and
monochrome printing for the proceedings of the extended abstract.
2.5 Movie and animation (11pt Times)
You may include movie, animation or sound in your manuscript. To prepare the movies, animations
and/or sound, File format should be in QuickTime format. (i.e., paper_187.mov) When your movie is
in AVI (Movie File for WINDOWS) or other types of format, please convert them into QuickTime
format, MOV. The contents of the movie/animation will be checked by the Program Committee. All of
the files should be included in ONE (1) CDR or DVDR.
All kind of multimedia contents (animations, sound images, ...) are basically accepted, but should
be transformed into the digital data in the PDF. The contents of the multimedia should be listed at the
end of the manuscript (see the below of this template).
2.6 Transmission media (11pt Times)
You can submit your digital files by means of the following way to the 'Submission Address': 1) by Email ([email protected]), 2) by PC 3.5 inch standard floppy (1.44 MB) (DOS FAT Formatted), 3) by CDR
or DVDR [ISO-9660 Format], 4) USB flash drive. The available compression programs are Zip or Lha
(no self-expanding archives) on PC compatibles.
Be sure to name your files on the Digital Disks (CDR / DVDR / FD). The disks submitted must
contain all necessary files (math, tabular, figures, etc.) and should be verified as virus free. The disks
should be labelled with 1) ACFD8 Paper No. (This number is given to you by E-mail from the
8th Asian Computational Fluid Dynamics Conference, Hong Kong SAR, China, 2010.
Title of Paper
organizing committee of the conference), 2) Major author's name, 3) Number of disks (e.g., 1 of 2, 2
of 4), 4) All of your file name should have a meaningful suffix. For example, if your paper No. is 187,
the file names for the extended abstract, the full paper and an image file would be ‘abs_187.doc’ or
abs_187.pdf, ‘paper_187.doc’, ‘paper_187.mov’ and paper_187_N.gif, respectively. Here, N means
the figure number. Please be sure to include (to be embedded) all of the equations, figures, animations
in the '.doc' or '.PDF' file.
2.7 File size limit (11pt Times)
If the amounts of the proceeding will exceed one CD-ROM, the size (length) of the movie/animation
may be reduced. Before reducing their size, we will contact the authors of the movie/animation. The
data size of the digital file is limited to about 5Mbytes. Authors who want to transmit animations
should contact the editor prior to transmission.
2.8 Equations (11pt Times)
Equations should be prepared in the most recent version of Word available to the authors or any other
compatible software.
E = mc2
Each equation should occur on a new line with one line spacing from adjacent text as indicated in the
above. The equations, where they are referred to in the text, should be numbered sequentially and their
identifier enclosed in parenthesis, right justified. The symbols, where referred to in the text, should be
3. Peer Review & Copyright (11pt Times)
Extended abstracts and full papers will undergo review by anonymous, impartial specialists in the
appropriate field prior to final acceptance for the ACFD8. Based on the comments of the referees the
editors will decide on acceptance or not and a revision.
Authors will be asked to sign a copyright transfer form prior to publishing of their paper.
Reproduction of any part of the publication is not allowed elsewhere without permission from the
editors whose prior publication must be cited. The understanding is that they have been neither
previously published nor submitted concurrently to any other publisher.
References (description) (11pt Times)
The papers in the reference list must be cited in the text. In the text the citation should appear in
square brackets “[ ]”, as in, for example, ‘the red fox has been shown to jump the black cat [3] but not
when....” In the Reference list the font should be Times or Times New Roman with 10 pt. Author
‘given’ names should be terminated by a ‘full stop’ and the list of authors terminated with a colon.
The citation number should be enclosed in brackets. The book titles should be in italics, followed by a
‘full stop’. Proceedings or journal titles should be in italics. Only the first letter of the title should be
capitalized in the article name. For instance,
References (Example)
[1] (10pt Times) James J., Jones B. and Brown J., “The title of the book”, 1st edition, Publisher, (2008).
[2] James J., Jones B and Brown J., “The title of the conference paper”, Proc. Conference title, where it took
place, Vol. 1, paper number, (2008), pp 1-11.
[3] James J., Jones B. and Brown J., “The title of the journal paper”, Journal Name, Vol. 1, No. 1, (2008), pp 111.
List of multimedia data (if available) (10pt Times)
1) Example of Standard Image Animation #187_1, (Movie of Colour pictures, 1.0MB)
2) Example of Standard Image Animation #187_2, (Movie of Colour pictures, 1.5MB)
8th Asian Computational Fluid Dynamics Conference, Hong Kong SAR, China, 2010.