Peer Relationships for Children (Parents)

Test for Quality of Peer-Relationships
Dear parents, please fill out the questionnaire below for behaviors you noticed over the past 7 days.
This questionnaire is designed to help you assess whether your child has difficulties relating
successfully to their peers. Frequently problems with peer relationships come in combination with
other symptoms, like feeling nervous, anxious, lacking self-confidence, being overly irritable, or with
behavior problems. These additional symptoms increase the severity of your child’s problems with
peer relationships. This is not a test that assesses a disorder, but gives parents more information
about the social struggles their child may have.
If your child has 1 or more items in the ‘never’ or ‘almost never’ categories, you may want to give our
clinic a call. Social problems become easily entrenched and can affect self esteem, and a child’s
ability to perform in school.