Student Bulletin 1.17

Attention swimmers!!! Dryland practice starts today January 17th. Please meet at the south
end of the football field in workout clothes and shoes at 3:15 pm.
There will be a boy’s golf meeting on Wednesday January 18th at 7:15 am in the Main Gym. We
will be discussing tryouts and other important information. If you are unable to make attend,
please see Coach Solano in the boys’ locker room as soon as possible.
Softball meeting in Coach Smith's room A 110 at 3:10 pm on Wednesday, January 18.
All athletes interested in joining Tracy High track & field this year should come to the short
informational meeting on Wednesday Jan. 18th at 3:15 pm in the Main Gym.
The library has some library books that are being discarded. These books are being offered
free to students and staff for a limited time. The books are available in the library through
Friday, January 20th.
Boys Tennis Tryouts will be held at the tennis courts on Thursday January 19th at 3:15 pm and
Wednesday January 25th at 3:15 pm.
Science Camp Counselors – Boys are still needed for science camp the week of February 6 th.
If you are interested see Mrs. Raco in Room E105 before or after school.
AP exam registration is available for THS students until February 17. Each exam is $91.
See your AP class teacher or Mrs. Williams in the Academies Office (D110) for a registration
form. If you have any questions please see Mrs. Williams.
Exciting New Majors now at MSMC- Mount St. Mary’s College in Los Angeles, a top-rated
private college in California, now offers two new exciting, career-oriented majors: Healthcare
Policy and Criminology. Our new degree programs offer true preparation for real-world
careers in their respective fields of study. These fast-growing areas of our economy
represent tremendous employment opportunities for new graduates. For more information
CAL GRANT GPA Verification Forms
Paper copies available in the Counseling Office. Your Cal Grant GPA will be calculated on a
4.00 scale (to two decimal places) and extra weight will not be added for honors, Advanced
Placement or International Baccalaureate classes. Your GPA must include all grades from your
sophomore year, the summer following y our sophomore year, your junior year and the summer
following your junior year, except those for physical education, Reserve Officers Training
Corps and remedial courses. (Remedial courses are those that aren’t counted toward high
school graduation).
Los Positas Junior College
An Admissions Counselor will host an information session on Thursday, January 26 th, at 9:05
am in room D210. Students need teacher permission to attend, passes available with Ms. Arce
The Big Dig Scholarship-$3,000-Deadline 6/1/12
California Retired Teachers Association-paper copies available only-7 @ $1,000-Graduating
senior planning a teaching vocation. Deadline 2/17/12
Playing with Purpose to $1,500-open to 10th-12th grade
athletes currently playing a varsity level sport. Deadline 3/1/12
AES$500-Deadline 10/5/12
Odenza Marketing Scholarship-$500-Open to students 16-25
years of age. Deadline 3/30/12
San Joaquin Valley College/John Futrell Memorial Scholarship-paper copies available [email protected]
$1,000-Deadline 3/30/12
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.-paper copies available only-amount not listed-applicants
must be of African-American descent, college bound, autobiographical essay requested.
Deadline 2/17/12
SJFB Foundation for scholarships available for seniors
pursuing a degree in Agriculture or Teaching. Deadline 3/2/12
Northern California Scholarship Foundation-paper copies available only-$7,000-demonstrate
exceptional need of financial assistance, high GPA and SAT scores. Deadline 2/2/12
Phi Delta Kappa-paper copies available only-5 @ $250.00-Graduating senior pursuing a career
in Education. Deadline 3/1/12
San Joaquin County Office of Education-srichards, 209-461-2284 or
10 @ $2,500-Graduating seniors pursuing a career in the medical field. Deadline 2/26/12
The American Legion “Need a Lift” College Financial Aid Reference Guide-www.needalift.orgvarious scholarships available. Scholarships for children of Veterans of War. Various
Aspiring Animation Professional Scholarship$1,000-Graduating seniors intending to pursue an animation related field. Deadline 5/1/12
Tues Jan 17
Wed Jan 18
Swimmers, dryland practice at 3;15 pm at the football field
Boys Golf meeting at 7:15 am in the Main Gym
Softball meeting at 3:10 pm in A110
Track and Field meeting at 3:15 pm in the Main Gym
Thurs Jan 19 Boys Tennis Tryouts at 3:15 pm on the Tennis Courts
Sat Jan 21
Saturday School (Double Time)
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