Help Save the Earth: Lug a Mug

Help Save the Earth: Lug a Mug
Benefits of your Greening Princeton/Dining Services Mug
Saves you Money
Present your mug at any retail location and save $0.25 on any beverage purchase!
Coffee that is socially responsible and organic tastes especially good in this mug!
Saving the Environment
Thousands and thousands of plastic, paper, and Styrofoam cups will sit in landfills for
millennia! Americans throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour. On college
campuses, more than 500,000 plastic beverage bottles are used in a typical year,
generating over 31,0000 pounds of plastic waste, most of which is not recycled. In 2003,
Princeton recycled 222.65 tons of Bottles and Cans, yet used far more. Each time you
reuse your mug that is one less cup in the landfill. Each cup you save from the landfill is
another cup that doesn’t need to be made, lessening the strain on forests and the
environment. The production process consumes considerable resources and often entails
numerous toxic chemicals. Moreover, your mug stimulates the recycling industry in
general, since it is made of 40% recycled plastic.
Making Life Convenient
Because of the great expense of lost mugs, Dining Services had to prohibit students from
carrying away beverages, like that much needed coffee before class. Now you can fill your
recycled plastic mug with a dining hall beverage and take it with you.