Gary David`s CV

Faculty Profiles
Gary C. David
[email protected]
MOR 179
Associate Professor of Sociology
PhD, Wayne State University, 1999
Research Interests:
Intercultural Communication and
Intergroup Relations
Arab American Studies
Ethnomethodology and Conversation
Workplace Studies
Ethnic Identity and Community
Health Information Technology
Practice/Consulting Interests:
Intercultural Communication and
Information Technology
Dispute Resolution and Conflict
Diversity Issues
Global Relationship Management
Virtual Workplace Community
Health Information Technology
Teaching Interests:
Intercultural Communication and
Intergroup Relations
Arab American Studies
Self and Society
Immigrant Entrepreneurship
Technology and Work
Selected Publications
Journal articles
Gary David, Angela Cora Garcia, Anne
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Enumerations Can be Defended Using
Ethnomethodology and Conversation
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(Ethnography and Qualitative Research), vol.
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Susan Newell, Gary David. "Rethink EHR
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Angela Cora Garcia, Gary David, Donald
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Collaboration Across Distributed Sites: The
Perils of Process and the Promise of
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Degradation: The Attempted Rehumanization
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"An Analysis of Trust among Globally
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David's research focuses on the role that
interpersonal interactions play in the formation of
intergroup relations. He has conducted research
primarily in workplace settings where
intercultural/intergroup interactions take place on
a regular basis. Past studies include the analysis of
interactions between workers and customers in
Arab-owned convenience stores in Metropolitan
Detroit. Present projects include examining the
nature of collaborative activity in multicultural
worksites, and how co-workers build a
collaborative relationship through engaging in
workplace practices. Dr. David also specializes in
Arab-American studies, and ethnic identity
research. Recent publications and presentations
include topics on Muslim American communities,
Arab-owned convenience stores, images of Arabs
in the West, Arab-American identity, theories of
immigrant entrepreneurship, and intercultural
service encounters. Finally, Dr. David is the
Administrator of a on-line discussion group
dedicated to Arab-American Studies.
Professional Memberships:
American Sociology Association
Midwest Sociological Society
International Institute for Ethnomethodolgy
and Conversation Analysis
Scholarly Work in Progress:
An Exploratory Study of the Challenges of
Medical Transcription Outsourcing in India.
Paper to be presented on Smart-sourcing
Building Personal Relationships: Another
Crucial Factor for the Success of Global
Software Development Projects.
Submitted to Transactions on Software
Post-Implementation Analysis and
Assessment of Electronic Health Records:
Meaning Use through Situated Practice.
Working paper
What Global Software Development Can
Learn from Open Source Software
Other Activities:
Ethical Practices and Compliance Task Force
- Medical Transcription Industry Association.
Speech Recognition Taskforce - Medical
Transcription Industry Association Best
Practices in Quality Assurance Taskforce Association for Healthcare Documentation
Administrator - Society for Arab-American
Studies on-line discussion group
Editorial Board Member - Do Humano (The
Human - Brazil)
Editorial Board Member - The Deaborn
Secretary - Midwest Sociological Society
Member - Arab American Institute Census
Information Council