About the Presenters:

Making the Invisible Visible – The Human
Principles for Sustaining Innovation
About the Presenters:
Bob Rosenfeld is a research chemist with several patents to his name, an
entrepreneur who has been in business for over 17 years, a co-founder of
the Association of Managers of Innovation, and currently he is the
“Innovator in Residence” at the Center for Creative Leadership. Bob’s
passion for sustaining innovation goes back to his days at Eastman Kodak
where he founded the first “Office of Innovation” in a major US
corporation. This experience helped him to hone his knowledge of what it takes to
sustain innovation over the long haul. For years, he has been working with major US
corporations as well as Not-for-Profit and Government organizations showing them how
to achieve real breakthrough results.
Gary Wilhelmi is an electrical engineer who has spent over thirty years
developing new and innovative products. His experience includes
development work in such areas as high tech laser and optical systems,
first generation fiber optics communication systems, biotechnology
innovation, consumer products resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars
in sales, sensory research, packaging material innovation, etc. In his
career he has successfully developed and implemented innovation breakthroughs using
internal organizational resources as well as creating virtual R&D organizations using
external resources. This experience provides a unique insight into what is required to
create and then sustain innovation in today’s rapidly changing world. Like Bob, Gary
understands the eight principles inside and out and he brings his practical expertise to the