Image Processing / Computer Vision / Biometric Applications

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Chicago, IL 60612
Mobile: (312) 342-9175
Phone: (312) 829-3435
[email protected]
Dedicated and hardworking Master’s graduate with three years of experience coding with C, C++ and Matlab. 3
years algorithm development and implementation for image processing, image compression and computer
vision/biometric problems. Knowledgeable in digital signal processing, pattern recognition algorithms and
neural network architectures. Efficient problem solver, excellent communicator, comfortable being part of a
team/acting independently.
Master of Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago, May 2003
Bachelor of Engineering, Instrumentation and Control Engineering, University of Madras, India, May 2000
Programming Languages: C, C++, FORTRAN, MATLAB, IDL
Systems and Platforms: LINUX, UNIX, Windows (NT, 9X, XP), MSDOS
Database Programming: ORACLE, MS Access, My SQL
Web Design Software:
HTML, Java/VB Script, Dreamweaver, ASP, PERL, CGI
Assembly Language:
Micro controller 8031, 8051, Microprocessor 8085, 8255
Resource and Policy Analyst, Office for Access and Equity, UIC
June 2003 – Present
 Collect and analyze data for faculty equity study, applications, new hires, terminations and promotions in
the University.
 Design and develop web pages for the office to enable secure online entry and retrieval of data. All web
pages are designed to meet the W3C accessibility guidelines.
 Provide technical and computer networking support to staff and student workers.
Research Student, Machine Vision Laboratory, UIC
July 2002 – May 2003
 Implement a view-based human face detection technique using Principal component analysis.
Graduate Research Assistant, Office for Access and Equity (OAE), UIC
August 2000 – May 2003
 Web design and database programming using MS Access, SQL, Dreamweaver, Perl and CGI.
 Regression analysis to study faculty equity data distribution using SPSS.
Project Intern, Adsensors India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai, India
May 1999 – May 2000
 Design and develop an embedded system using microcontroller 8031 for turbidity and temperature data
acquisition, monitoring and transmission.
 Develop instrumentation algorithms using assembly language programming.
 Design and develop the turbidity and temperature measurement sensors.
View-Based Human Face Detection, Implementation: C++ and Matlab
July 2002 – May 2003
Guide: Prof. Jezekiel Ben-Arie, Director, Machine Vision Laboratory, UIC
 The project involves detecting vertical frontal views of human faces in complex scenes using principal
component analysis.
 Implemented pre-processing techniques such as bilinear interpolation to reduce image dimension, binary
masking to eliminate near boundary effects, histogram equalization and normalization to compensate for
illumination shifts.
 Designed a user interface for the system.
Image analysis and machine vision
Digital signal processing
Neural networks
Random signal analysis
Digital networks
Statistical communication and signal processing
Wireless communication network (GSM, IS –54 TDMA Systems)
Advanced Wireless Communication Networks (CDMA Systems)
Computer Communication network
Software Engineering
Biometrics, Implementation: C++
 Implemented a human face detection and recognition system using unsupervised technique for visual
learning based on density estimation in high-dimensional spaces through eigen-space decomposition using
Principal component analysis technique.
 Implemented a minutiae (finger print) classification system using LAMSTAR neural network.
Image Processing, Implementation: Matlab
 Studied the results of global and local histogram equalization as applied to image enhancement.
 Implemented edge detection techniques using Compass, Sobel, Prewitt, Canny operators and Laplacian of
Gaussian filters.
 Compared and documented the effects of filtering techniques to reduce noise in images.
Neural Network Learning Algorithms, Implementation: C++
 Developed bottleneck architecture to implement image compression and reconstruction using back
propagation network.
 Implemented vector quantization based image clustering using counter propagation network.
 Designed and compared the performance of madaline, hopfield, self organizing map and back propagation
algorithm based neural networks for recognizing alphanumeric characters.
Multimedia Communication, Implementation: Matlab
 Implemented MPEG-2 compression using the spatio-temporal redundancy of video sequences. Implemented
compression through DCT, run length coding, zigzag scan and quantization.
 Simulated the transmission of MPEG over ATM networks using AAL1, 3, 5 headers.
 Simulated the transmission of MPEG-2 movie over RTP communication networks.
Signal Processing/Statistical Communication, Implementation: Matlab
 Designed FIR and IIR filters and studied their characteristics.
 Designed a noisy digital communication channel and studied the effect of noise on transmitted signals.
Compared the bit error rate probabilities with the theoretical design.
 Estimated and plotted the density functions of independent random variables and compared the results with
theoretical values.
Software Engineering Design, Implementation: Java
 Developed a software system to catalog, manipulate and maintain an image library in adherence to software
engineering life cycles.
Computer Communication Networks, Implementation: C
 Implemented a noisy half duplex communication channel using Stop and Wait Protocol. 4 members team
project. My role in the project involved the implementation of the channel with noise introduced and final
integration of the individual portions.
Web development:
 Designed the official web site for the Office for Access and Equity using Dreamweaver and Adobe
 Designed real-time web based Equal Employment Opportunity forms to facilitate online data entry for the
job applicants at UIC using CGI and Perl.
Jezekiel Ben-Arie, Professor and Director, Machine Vision Laboratory, UIC, [email protected]
Joann Gras, Special Assistant to the Associate Chancellor, Office for Access and Equity, UIC, [email protected]
Paula Roderick, Deputy Associate Chancellor, Office for Access and Equity, UIC, [email protected]