ESL 432- Reading Level 2 – Spring 2011
(#7775) 8:50-10:15 TTh in E-303
Instructor: Mary-Erin Crook
Office: C-252-k
E-mail: [email protected]
Mailbox in C247
Telephone: 585-7387
Office Hours: M-F: 8-8:45;M:2-3:15;W: 10:30- 11:15
Required Texts:
Reading Power by Mikulecky and Jeffries
ESL 432 Reading Record Sheets at the PCC Bookstore
An American English dictionary (I will use the Longman Basic Dictionary of
American English in class).
8.5 by 11" paper, blue or black ink pen, #2 pencil, highlighter, whiteout, eraser, a
binder, a 2-pocket folder, User ID and PIN
Course Description: In ESL 432 students will practice basic study skills and reading techniques of
fiction and non-fiction text. This course may be taken twice for credit. Students must have completed
ESL 460 with a "C" or better or have been placed into 432.
Course Objectives: Students will expand vocabulary by developing word attack strategies,
understand and use English dictionaries, develop basic study skills and reading comprehension through
the exercise of reading techniques such as skimming, scanning, inferring, etc. Students will develop an
understanding of topic and main ideas in readings.
Student Learning Objectives:
1. Identify unfamiliar level-appropriate vocabulary using word forms, context clues and an
English/English dictionary.
2. Identify main ideas and supporting details in a level appropriate reading passage.
3. Use pre-reading skills such as previewing, skimming and scanning, to predict the topic of a
level-appropriate reading passage and find specific information.
4. Show understanding of the literal content of a level appropriate reading passage.
5. Produce a personal response to a reading passage.
1. Students must keep a notebook containing all class materials and bring it to class daily.
2. Students will spend about four- six hours/week on homework. Homework must be completed
before class begins. Late homework will not be accepted unless approved by the teacher. If you
are unprepared, you may be asked to leave and marked absent.
3. The PCC portal will have our syllabus and all weekly homework assignments, and other important forms.
To access the portal, go to the PCC homepage, type “crook” in the people directories box, which is in the
upper right corner of the homepage. Hit enter. My information will appear. Click on my name. Another
page will appear. On the right side, all my courses for the current semester are listed. Click on ESL 432. A
new page for this course will appear. Click on whatever information you need.
4. All students must also spend at least 1 hour per week, 18 hours total, in the Reading Lab. You will
record your work on the ESL 432 Reading Record Sheets. Two hours/week is the maximum
amount of time you will receive credit for. All lab work must be dated and in pen.
5. Students will complete Reading Reports using the Reading Journal forms in the ESL 432 Reading
Record Sheets. Materials from #4 and 5 will be turned in weeks 4, 7 and 13. Half the work is due
in week 7 and all work is due in week 13. This work will be in your folder.
6. Students are expected to actively participate in all class activities. Discussion and sharing ideas
are effective ways to learn. Do your homework so you are prepared.
7. Regular and punctual attendance is essential to success in ESL 432. Anyone absent more than 4
class periods may be dropped. Three tardies will be counted as one absence.
8. Students are responsible for contacting another student to find out work missed due to absence. I
expect you to be prepared to participate even after an absence.
Phone #
9. If you miss a test or other graded assignment, notify me immediately and make up the missed exam
or composition the next day. It is your responsibility to arrange the makeup. Missing
assignments will be given a zero. Only one makeup is allowed.
10. Anyone caught cheating will be given an F on that assignment. If you let someone copy your
assignment, you will also receive an F. Anyone caught cheating twice can be dropped from the
class. Plagiarizing, using someone else's words, is cheating.
11. Students must respect their instructor and classmates, or they will be asked to leave and marked
absent. Disrespectful behavior includes use of cell phones and electronic dictionaries, failure to
use English, loud or rude behavior, sleeping in class, or not participating.
70% - Reading and Vocabulary Tests *
10% - Reading Lab
15% - Reading Reports
5% - Homework and Participation
* Students must have at least 70% on Reading and Vocabulary Tests in order to pass the course.
Grading Scale:
A - Excellent
B - Good
C – Average
D – Poor
F - Failing
Below 60%
Holidays and Important Dates
Tue., February 22nd
Sat., March 5th
Fri., March 18th
Thurs. March 31 (no classes)
Mon- Sat. Apr. 11th-16th
April 17th- 23rd
Fri., May 13th
Mon. May 30th
Tues., June 7th
Tues June 14th
First day of classes
Last day to add or drop without a “W”
Last day for P/NP
Cesar Chavez Day
Midterm exam week (dates TBA)
Spring Break
Last Day to Drop with a "W"
Memorial Day – Campus Closed
Final Exam
Last Meeting
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