15 steps for making a Varsity Scout Team go in an

15 steps for making a Varsity Scout Team go,
in an LDS Teachers Quorum
Coaches, Quorum Advisor
(with Bishopric First
Organize the Team
After identifying/calling a team coach (ideally the
Teachers quorum adviser) and assistant coaches (also
assistant quorum advisors), assign the Teachers Quorum
President to be Varsity Captain (the ideal), or call
another youth as Captain. (SH, 3)
Captain and Coaches
Make Program Manager
Appoint members of the Team to manage the five fields
of emphasis (Program Managers for High Adventure,
Advancement, Service, Personal Development, and
Special Programs and Events). If there are large
numbers in the Quorum/Team, divide into squads,
designate squad leaders, and use youth in other positions
such as Co-Captains and Assistant Program Managers.
If very small team, double up assignments. Make sure
that any youths needing leadership time for scouting
rank advancement have applicable leader assignments.
(VSG, 19-25, A-9)
Team Committee Chairman
(Bishopric First Counselor)
Captain and Coaches
Organize Team Committee Call/identify 5 adults to be Program Advisors and other
persons as needed. Use fathers as much as possible.
The committee should meet monthly. Conduct Team
Resource Survey (boys can help). (VSG, 156-159, A15)
Conduct Interest Survey
Obtain input on Team members' interests and
preferences for Team activities or program features, by
conducting a Varsity Scout Individual Interest Survey
(VIS). (VSG, A-14)
Conduct Annual Program Generally done as an overnight retreat. Typically will
cover: (1) duties of officers; (2) leadership skills: (3)
Planning Clinic
preparation of yearly program plan (annual calendar).
Each quarter has a specific program feature and includes
activities in each field of emphasis (except perhaps
Advancement--see #14). Personal Development subarea activities may be included, as desired. Publish and
distribute annual calendar to all varsity scouts and their
families. (VSG, 181-189)
Team leaders and members
Decide on Team Uniform
While the scout uniform with orange tabs is the official
Varsity uniform, the Team may choose a separate
activity uniform: knit Venturing polo shirt, or t-shirt of
the Team's own design. (VSG, 149-153)
Captain and Team Leaders
Conduct Parents/Awards
Do at least quarterly. Invite Team members' parents.
Introduce and gain support for Team's yearly program
plan and calendar. Make awards. Report on activities.
Have fun. (VSG, 125)
Team Leaders and Coaches
Hold Team Leaders
Meet regularly (at least monthly) to develop detailed
plans for next 3 months' program. Revise the annual
calendar as needed and redistribute to all varsity scouts
and their families. At succeeding Team Leader meetings
extend the plan so that there is always 2-3 months' detail
calendar ahead. Make sure Team is operating
effectively. LDS Varsity Teams may use one of their
Teachers Quorum presidency meeting as their Team
Leader meeting. (VSG, 125, 188)
Captain (with help from
Coach and Team Committee
Program Managers (with
Program Advisors)
Plan Activities
Individual Program Manager meets with his Program
Advisor, to create plan for an assigned activity. Advisor
helps the young man use the Activity Planning
Worksheet to document a plan. The Advisor's job is to
make sure that the youth succeeds in his leader
assignment. (VSG, 157-158, A-4)
Conduct Team Meetings
Use Team Meeting Plan worksheet (VSG, 120-122, A3) to plan and conduct the Team Meeting (monthly or
more often). Have Program Managers report on plans
for coming activities and have team members evaluate
completed activities. Report on advancement progress
(See #14).
Program Managers (with
help from Program Advisors)
Conduct Activities
Prepare plans, with help of from Program Advisor,
using Activity Planning Worksheet. Present plan in
Team business meeting for suggestions and approval.
Carry out planned activities. Evaluate. Turn in
completed Activity Planning Worksheet to Team Scribe
for retention. (VSG, 157-158, A-4)
Advancement Program
Manager (with Advancement
Program Advisor and Coach)
Help Team Members
Establish Individual
Advancement Inventory
Interview each member of the Team (along with Coach
and Captain) to help them create their own individual
Advancement Inventory (IAI). (Include focus on
scouting rank advancement, Duty to God, Varsity
Letter, and Denali award.) Keep track of and report
members' progress in team meetings. Conduct Boards
of Review and Courts of Honor (Parents/Awards Night)
to give recognition. Keep advancement progress
records. (VSG, 39-49, 157)
Team Leaders (with
Coaches/High Adventure
Program Advisor)
Plan and Conduct Yearly
Team High Adventure
Generally a week-long outdoor experience which
challenges team members and is the yearly culmination
of the entire program calendar. Largely under the High
Adventure Manager, but should include all 5 fields of
emphasis, so that each Program Manager has
responsibility to lead in some part of the experience.
(This event is in addition to shorter term high-adventure
activities in connection with each quarterly program
Get Program Managers
Started on their Activity
Fill out top part of Varsity Scout Team Activity
Planning Worksheet for each activity on the calendar for
the next 3 months and give these to pertinent Program
Managers. These activities may include combined YMYW activities (Personal Development Social) and team
participation in stake athletics (Personal Development
Physical Fitness). (VSG, A-4)
In Team Committee meeting or elsewhere, inform
Inform Program
Supervisors about Coming Program Advisors of coming activities on the calendar
assigned to their Program Managers.
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