Name: Core: Date: Directions: with a partner use the list of

Name: _________________________Core: ____________________ Date: ______________
Directions: with a partner use the list of suggested websites to assist
you in locating important information on basic first aid
Suggested Websites:
5. (multiple tabs- parent, kid, and teen)
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A. Burns (use sites 1, 3 and 5-parent tab)
1. There are 5 common causes of burns
a. S_____________- cause by things like hot liquids and steam.
b. Direct contact with flames or heat
c. C_______________________
d. Electricity
e. Over exposure to the S__________________
2. There are _____ types of burns.
3. ___________ degree burns cause redness, pain and some swelling.
4. ___________ degree burns cause severe pain, redness, and blisters.
5. ___________ degree burns cause charring of the skin, produce little or no pain
and involve all layers of skin.
6. If you are on fire “S________, D______ and R_______.” Do not run doing so only
fuels the flames.
7. Remove h____________ source, c__________________, and j_______________
from the burned area.
8. To treat 1st and 2nd degree burns c______ the burn by running c______ water
over the burned area until p_________ lessens.
9. Do not apply i_________ directly to the burn.
10. Do not apply o_______________ to the burn.
11. Do not b___________ blisters that may appear.
12. Cover burn l_____________ with c__________ gauze bandage.
Name: _________________________Core: ____________________ Date: ______________
13. To treat 3rd degree burns:
a. Call 9___________
b. Do not r___________________ clothing s____________ to the skin.
c. Do not run c______________ water over the burned area.
d. Cover burned area with c___________, moist s______________
B. Cuts and Scrapes (use site 2)
1. Use g___________ to prevent exposure to possible blood germs.
2. S___________ any bleeding by applying p_______________ on the cut using
3. To help slow/stop bleeding r____________ injured area a_____________ the
person’s h_____________.
4. Once the bleeding stops c______________ the injured area using
t_____________ water.
5. If you would like use a___________________ ointment and cover wound with
C. Poisoning (use site 3 and 4)
1. If you suspect poisoning you may s_________ or s_____________ signs and
2. Call 911 immediately if the person is
a. U______________________
b. Having difficulty b____________________
c. Having s_________________
d. Uncontrollably r__________________________
3. If poison gets:
a. In the eye(s): rinse with r_________________________ water for 15
minutes, do not f___________ the eye(s) open.
b. On the skin: Remove contaminated clothing and rinse skin with
r________________ water for 1__ minutes.
c. Breathed in: get person into f________ a_______.
4. Call the P_____________________ C______________________
C__________________ at 1-800-____________-_____________ after performing
the necessary first aid steps for poisoning.
D. Strains and Sprains (use site 5- parent or teen info)
1. Strains involve the overstretching of m___________________.
2. Sprains involve the overstretching of l__________________.
3. When dealing with these injuries remember:
a. R_______________
b. I_______
c. C_______________________________
d. E__________________