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nr 22 Institution: MILITARY UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY – Faculty of Cybernetics Town: Warsaw, Poland Position: associate professor (professor of the Military University of Technology) Scientific discipline: computer science / information security Period for a project employment: 01.10.2014 – 30.09.2018r. Posted: 2014.05.15 Expires:


Website: Key words information security, designing of data encryption algorithms, testing of random sequences.

Description: Admission requirements:

 meeting the requirements defined in the 109 article of the Act - Law on Higher Education of 27 July , 2005 (Journal of La w s N o. 164 , item 1365 , with further amendments) ;    doctor degree in computer science in the area of information security; doctor of science degree (habilitation) in technical sciences; scientific contribution in the area of information security and applications of cryptographic methods in telecommunication, experience in designing symmetric and public key cryptographic algorithms, knowledge of methods for testing randomness of  binary sequences; readiness for research in the area of information security, designing of encryption algorithms and methods for testing randomness of binary sequences ;    ability for collaboration with experts in the area of application of cryptography ; experience in teaching problems of cryptography in technical universities; experience in organising learning process and research projects in the cryptography area;   minimum five years of experience in human resources management in groups appointed to designing cryptographic constructions; proficiency in English.

Application should include:

 application letter to Rector of the Military University of Technology;  curriculum vitae;    copies of doctor and doctor of science diplomas; candidate questionnaire (according to Journal of Laws No125 of year 2006, item 869); list of scientific publications;  information on scientific interests and achievements, organisational and teaching achievements, and on research plans;   declaration that Military University of Technology will be workplace for an applicant; declaration of consent to process personal data included in the application in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act of 29th August 1997.

Documents should be submitted:

 in person: to the secretary office of the Faculty of Cybernetics;  by post: Military University of Technology, Faculty of Cybernetics, 00-908 Warszawa 49, ul. gen. Sylwestra Kaliskiego 2;   by e-mail: [email protected] ; by fax: (022) 683 75 39.

Additional information can be obtained by telephone: +48 22 683 94 59.

The competition will be adjudicated no later than two weeks after the competition deadline. The documents of applications that have been rejected will be destroyed by a committee. The Military University of Technology does not provide accommodation.