9th Annual

Soccer Club of Newington
9th Annual
Columbus Day Jamboree Rules
All games will be played using FIFA rules as adopted by Connecticut Junior Soccer Association except for
any changes stated in these tournament rules.
Substitutions are unlimited with the Referee’s permission according to CJSA and USYSA rules.
Games will consist of two 25 minutes running halves for Sr. division and two 20 minutes running halves
for Jr. division. Halftime for both divisions will be two minutes.
No standings or scores will be kept for any games
Teams should be at the playing field at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled kickoff of their first game,
to be checked in at the registration table. Medical Release forms should be delivered at that time.
There will be a 5 minute grace period from the scheduled kickoff time to allow a team to field a team of at
least 5 players for Jr. division and 7 players for Sr. division. After that time, the game will be abandoned.
Any player receiving a red card will be suspended from the team’s next scheduled tournament game - there
is no appeal process. If any person, associated with the team (coach, asst. coach, etc), is sent from the field
of play, they also will not be allowed to participate in the team’s next scheduled tournament game. Any
player receiving two yellow cards in a single game will be shown a red card and be suspended from their
team’s next scheduled game. Any player receiving two red cards or any coach sent off twice, are
suspended from any further participation in the tournament.
NOTE: Tournament Committee members, Field Marshalls or SCN Board members may ask any coach,
asst. coach or spectator to leave the area of play, if said person is in violation of the CJSA Zero Tolerance
No team may use players currently rostered to a Classic, Travel or Premier team. If an ineligible player is
used, that player is banned from further participation in the tournament and the coach will be suspended for
that game (if found during play) and/or the team’s next scheduled game.
All teams will bring pinnies of a different color than their normal jersey. At the request of the referee, the
visiting team may be asked to wear pinnies, in the event both teams have the similar colored jerseys.
Goalkeepers will wear a jersey that is different in color from the rest of their team.
The team listed first on the schedule will be considered the home team and will kick off first. The home
team will supply a suitable ball and the away team shall have a suitable ball in waiting.
NOTE: Jr. division will use size 4 ball and Sr. division will use size 5 ball.
All efforts will be made to play three scheduled games per team, however in the event of
unforeseeable weather or player safety, the schedule may be shortened.
In the event of complete event cancellation, teams will be refunded 50% of their tournament entry
fees. This is to cover the cost of the included t-shirts and other administrative fees. Tournament
Shirts will be delivered to the clubs in the event of cancellation.
Should any problem or issue arise which is not addressed by these tournament rules, the Tournament
Committee and/or the Referee Coordinator will render a decision, which will be binding.
No protests regarding the referee’s decisions are allowed.
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