“Understanding the Scientific Method” Quiz

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“Understanding the Scientific Method” and Lab Safety Study Guide
Directions: Match the following vocabulary words with the correct definition. Write the letter
of the correct answer choice on the line next to each definition.
A. Scientific Method
E. Data
B. Problem
F. Control
C. Dependent
G. Observation
D. Independent
H. Hypothesis
1. ______ The ___________ variable is the part of the experiment that is affected by the changed
variable. It is what the scientist HOPES to change.
2. ______ The information collected during an experiment is called the _________.
3. ______ The ___________ variable is the part of the experiment that is being tested and
changed by the scientist.
4. ______ The ___________ is a possible solution to a problem. It is always testable.
5. ______ The part of an experiment that is NOT being tested and that is used for comparison.
6. ______ Scientists make _________ (using their senses) to help them make a hypothesis.
7. ______ The first step of the scientific method is to identify the _____________.
8. ______ The ___________ ____________ is a series of steps used by scientists to solve a
Directions: Read the following scientific experiments. Identify the important parts of the
scientific method.
9. What is the independent variable? __________________________________________________
10. What is the dependent variable? ___________________________________________________
11. What is the control? _____________________________________________________________
Directions: In the table below, identify whether each hypothesis can or cannot be tested. Place
an ‘X’ in the correct box.
Can be Tested
Cannot be Tested
9. Duracell batteries last longer than Energizer batteries.
18. M&Ms taste better than Hershey Kisses.
Answer as TRUE or FALSE.
19. _______________ Long hair must be tied back, especially in the area of an open flame.
20. _______________ When heating a test tube, hold it close to your face so that you can see the
substance clearly.
21. _______________ Report any accident, no matter how small, to your teacher.
22. _______________ You should perform only those procedures and activities assigned to you for
the lab.
23. _______________ It is okay to eat, drink, and walk barefoot in the lab.
24. _______________ Safety glasses must be worn during the entire lab unless the teacher says
that safety glasses are not required.
25. _______________Along with my teacher, it is my responsibility to practice safe procedures in
the laboratory.