The Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

The Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
Answer Guide Worksheet
Instructions: You and your team member should focus your research in the following
four categories addressing the suggested questions:
The Government's Role:
What did the hurricane show us about the government policy/procedures during
emergency situations such as this hurricane?
What did this disaster show us about emergency preparedness plans for some of our
major cities and their ability to totally evacuate a city in a timely manner, including the
poor and unfortunate?
The Geography:
What areas where most affected by the hurricane and why?
What are some of the environmental effects of Katrina?
What did it show us about our environment?
Discuss solutions to this problem?
The Social Studies Aspect:
How did it affect the people who lived in the areas devastated by this disaster?
Describe the community?
The Aftermath of Katrina:
What lessons did Katrina teach us about our vulnerabilities as a country?
What plans or precautions are coastline cities doing to be better prepared for future
disasters of this nature?