Hurricane Katrina Write Up

Hurricane Katrina
Hurricane Katrina started in (where about did it start? And when did it start?) It started because (why
did it start?). It was very deadly but the most damage was in (what city?).
When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, the weather changed. There was (what was the weather
like?). This caused (what happened because of the storm?)
Hurricane Katrina was very dangerous and destroyed New Orleans. It affected people because (what
happened to the people who live there? Where did they find shelter) .
It also destroyed buildings by (what happened to them?). Roads were (what happened to them? How
did this happen).
The wildlife in the area (what happened to them?) . The trees (what happened to them?).
In the future, to make it safer, I think they could (what could they do to stop so many buildings being
damaged or so that less people die?)