Big Question and sample topics

SS 7: Inquiry Guidelines
Final Product: Display of findings in
Canadian Heritage Fair
 What influences and contributions did ancient
civilizations give to present-day Canadian culture?
Use the following questions/topics as possible inquiry topics:
1. Form of government: How did the first governments come to
be? Show the impact it has had on the governed people. Compare
the first forms of government to our system today. Compare the
powers the Pharaohs had with those of our Canadian leaders. Do
they always act in our best interests?
2. Education: What did the students of ________ civilization study
at school? How long did they attend school? Compare our
schooling today with that of your ancient civilization. Why do we
have school? Why did various civilizations send their kids to
school? What are we preparing our students for after they
3. Agriculture: What important agricultural contribution did your
ancient civilization develop? How does it help how we farm today?
What are some significant Canadian developments in agriculture
that have occurred over the last few decades?
4. Women’s roles/rights: What was it like to be a woman in the
_________ civilization? What were some of their roles and
responsibilities? Compare the rights of women in the __________
civilization to those of women today.
5. Human rights: How did the rights of the individual come to be?
How have they changed? How have different civilizations played
crucial roles in the development of the rights we have here in
Canada today?
6. Role/Responsibility of children: How does the role of
children today differ with that of the _____ civilization? How have
these roles changed? How are they similar?
7. Language: What languages did the _________ use? How
did each unique culture trade with each other? How
have languages evolve? The benefit of bilingualism? Latin
language origins…
8. Technology: What were some early forms of
technologies? How has technology changed our lives?
Define technology. Any great Canadian technology (ie.
Canada Arm, Velcro, zipper)
9. Writing:
Housing: What forms of housing did the people of your
civilization develop? Do we use any of the same
materials/styles/techniques? Were there people in your civilization
who could not afford houses? Compare homelessness in the _____
civilization to that of the Comox Valley.
11. Explorers: Who were some Early Canadian explorers?
Who were some of your early __________ explorers? Where
did the game “Marco Polo” come from? What does it
take to be an explorer? Interesting stories?
12. Wars: Why is Mesopotamia still one of the world’s most
battle-torn area? What role does Canada play? Were
there any famous battles that took place in your _______
civilization? How has warfare/weapons changed?
Timeline of weapons/warfare? Roman military tactics vs.
modern Canadian tactics?
13. Laws: Canadian laws… are they harsh enough? Look
back to good old Hammurabi and others!
14. Trade/Commerce: How has trade effected your _____
civilization. What did your civ. Trade? What does
Canada trade? Imports/exports?
15. Fashion/makeup/hairstyles:
16. Animals/Wildlife
19. Rivers: Importance of water routes? How are we affecting our
rivers? What can we do?
Religion: What were some of the major beliefs in the
_______ civilization? How did it influence their lives?
Society Hierarchy
Art: How has the art of the _________ civilization
contributed to modern art today? Compare the art of the _____
civilization with Canadian art today.