Name: Chapter 2 Unit Title Page Requirements Directions: For each

Chapter 2 Unit Title Page Requirements
Directions: For each unit of study, you are asked to design a cover page. The Unit Title Page must
include the following:
1. Title of Unit: Early Humans and the Beginning of Civilization
2. Artwork: Include 3-5 pictures that connect to the Prehistoric period. The pictures can be drawn or
can be clip art. Make sure the illustrations are colorful!
3. Essential Questions: The EQs are the questions we will be answering through our investigation of the
unit. Write the following questions on you Unit Title Page in a unique and creative way:
What was the relationship between early people and their environment?
How did the discovery of tools impact early culture?
How did the discovery and ability to control fire help early humans survive?
How did the establishments of hunter/gather societies lead to social organization?
What changes brought about the Neolithic Revolution?
How did the development of agriculture lead to permanent settlements?
How did permanent settlements lead to the development of civilization?
Total Points: 10