Ancient Civilization Review Project

Ancient Civilization Review Project
Task: You are to create a PowerPoint on any of the four civilizations we
have gone over in class. Be sure to include
 At least 12 key ideas about the civilization you have chosen
 At least 3 pictures, including a map
 A slide on geography
 A slide on leaders
 A slide on Religion
 Other slides that are relevant to your specific civilization
When we are in the library you are not allowed to sit next to anyone who
is doing the same project as you. For example if you are doing Egypt the
people on either side of you are not allowed to be doing their project on
Egypt. You will have five days in the library to work on this as well as
research for your paper. On Monday 10/24 you will be sharing your
information with three other people. If your project is not complete, you
will get a “0” for that day.
PowerPoint and Review activity: You will be required to save your
PowerPoint onto your sharepoint, under shared documents so that I will
be able to grade it. You will also have to print out a copy for you. To do
this click on print, near the bottom left hand corner of the screen you will
see “print what” Click on handouts. To the left of that make sure you see
the number six, for six slides per page. Print in black and white.