Proclamation - Jefferson Township, NJ

“September, Ovarian Cancer Month”
WHEREAS: Ovarian cancer is called the “Silent Killer’ because its
symptoms are often vague or subtle; and
WHEREAS: Ovarian cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer
death among women and the leading cause of gynecologic cancer
death in the United States; and
WHEREAS: If detected in its early stages, survival from ovarian
cancer is 90-95%. Yet the five year survival rate is 28% because of
the difficulty of early detection; and
WHEREAS: The Kaleidoscope of Hope Foundation is a non-profit
group that raises funds for ovarian cancer research and helps to
increase awareness of this disease and its symptoms.
NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED BY Mayor Russell Felter of the
Township Jefferson that he does proclaim September, 2010 as
Ovarian Cancer Month in Jefferson Township and strongly urges
support for the Kaleidoscope of Hope Walkathons which, are being
sponsored for fundraising purposes for ovarian cancer research.
September 8, 2010