Each student is responsible conducting research on a specific substrate and
enzyme that is involved in the process of cellular respiration. Students may work
in groups to complete the assignment but must submit their assignment
*The substrate (and accompanying enzyme) that you will be researching
individually is listed on a piece of paper in this envelope*
A complete assignment will include the following:
Page 1: A brief description of the molecule, including
the elements it is composed of
molecular mass
structure of molecule that comes before your substrate
name of enzyme that catalyzes the formation of the substrate
structure of molecule that comes after your substrate
name of enzyme that catalyzes the formation of the next substrate
Page 2: Sketch of substrate (in detail)
 Students may sketch their substrate in any form they wish
o Pencil, crayons, 3-D, molecular model, computer drawn, or any other
creative way they see fit
o If not clear, make sure to include a legend of which atoms are
represented (ex. Green sphere = nitrogen atom)
Page 3: Reaction Mechanism of 2 reactions:
1. Formation of substrate from precursor molecule
2. Conversion of substrate to succeeding molecule
 Illustrate the processes that both form and transform the substrate
 You may have some trouble finding the specific mechanism, if so then make
sure you speak to me in class or email me
Page 4: Substrate Research
 Compose 250 words on current research (within the last 5 years if possible)
of your substrate and/or accompanying enzyme
**BONUS (5 marks): If possible, email a professor at Canadian University who has,
or is currently, conducting research on your substrate to ask
questions regarding research progress