Conservation Crisis_Preparation-radha

Conservation Crisis Exercise Preparation Sheet
The following questions help you to prepare for the Conservation Crisis exercise and to develop
your argumentation skills in a role-play context. Answer them before participating in the exercise.
Submit your answers right after completing the exercise as a group for participation marks.
1. Define your role and your position by considering the following issues: Your role (e.g.,
factory worker, etc). In your opinion, what is the best outcome? What will you like/not like
about the outcome
2. Based on the description of you position in question 1, you may have a certain number of
issues. To better develop your arguments, identify at least two factual pieces of evidence (e.g.
research, real life cases). This will help support your arguments. You will also have to be
aware of how your research will or will not apply in the context of your role.
Related factual information
Relevance to your role / argument
3. Explain at least two similarities and two differences from each of all other roles in the
Conservation Crisis Case. Describe one situation in which at least one of the similarities or
differences may play out.
Position held by role
Situation in which similarity or
difference to your role will play out
4. Using the research you conducted for your answer to question 2, create a list of initial
points that you intend to use during the group discussion. Explain your purpose or objective
for making such points.
Description of your initial Role to which this point is
Reason why this is a valid
5. Critically evaluate your arguments that you listed in question 4 by listing what you think
each of the other roles will say to defeat your arguments? Then state how you will defend your
Role Role’s argument against your initial points Your response to counter role’s argument
6. Anticipate the arguments of each of the other roles. What will you say to them in response?
Role’s argument
What will you say to this role’s argument?
Conservation Crisis Exercise Preparation Sheet