Science (Animals) Test Review

Science (Animals) Test Review
Adaptation- what an animal does to stay alive
Amphibian- moist skin & webbed feet
Camouflage- used to hunt and stay safe
Fish- use their fins to move through water
Insect- hard shell & no backbone
Larva- the stage after the egg hatches
Life Cycle- how an animal grows, lives, and dies
Mammals- have hair/fur
Pupa- a caterpillar in its cocoon
Reptiles- lungs & scaly skin
Mammals take care of their young because their young need them
to survive.
Spotted fur is an example of camouflage.
Insects have no backbones and reptiles do.
A bird has wings and a beak.
An example of an adaptation would be large eyes.
Stages of the Butterfly Life Cycle: egg, larva, pupa, adult butterfly