Butterfly Away

Butterfly Gardens
We began with plants that attract adult
butterflies and support the caterpillar such
as wild plants and weeds, lantana,
passion vines and butterfly weeds.
The lower grades
watch a batch of
painted Lady
Butterfly larvae
grow in portable
 The little caterpillars grow nearly five times
larger before fitting into their coccoons.
The caterpillars go through
metamorphosis to become
adult butterflies and are
released into our butterfly
 Several weeks after the first butterflies
were released, our afterschool science
club discovered eggs, and caterpillars
the garden.
The caterpillars
did not all look
like the painted
Strangers had
come to our
flower spot.
These little bugs ate their way
through four Mexican Butterfly
Weeds in just three days.
We found two
different species of
butterfly in our garden
beside the painted
One type was lying on
the ground while the
other found a place to
 Thanks to the hard work of our GREW
Crew, we have enjoyed many visitors.