Canadian Historical Geography #1

Canadian Historical Geography #1
1. In which province was the first conference held that led to Confederation?
2. What is the name of the city in Saskatchewan named in honour of Queen Victoria?
3. From which country did the United Empire Loyalists came to Canada?
4. The claim to the west coast of North America by England was established by the
explorations of a famous explorer? Name the explorer.
5. L'Anse-aux-Meadows, Newfoundland is the location of a settlement by a group of
people? Name this group.
6. Two of the major rivers in British Columbia are named after early explorers. Name
one river.
7. What name was given to the French fur traders that paddled the large freighter
8. What fur trading company was established in Canada to compete with the Hudson
Bay Company?
9. Two forts were established in Nova Scotia by the French and the English. Name one.
10. The earliest European fisherman that came to Canada's east coast in search of a
species of fish? Name this fish.
1. P.E.I. 2. Regina 3. United States 4. Captain Cook 5. Vikings or Norse
6. Fraser or Thompson 7. voyageurs 8. North West Company
9. Louisburg or Halifax 10. cod