Weather Forecasting Project

Weather Forecasting Project
You have been given 2 sets of weather maps. The first set occurred on Tuesday at 12PM (noon).
The second set occurs at Wednesday at 12AM (midnight). Each set includes a map of the wind
direction and temperature readings, a map of pressure readings, and a map of temperature and dew
At each time you will create:
1) A map showing warm and cold fronts using the method and format described in class.
2) A map of the pressure using isobars. Be sure to label the areas of high (H) and low (L)
3) A map indicating areas where the dew point is at or very close to the temperature.
Using the three maps you created, report the current weather conditions (Sunny/Cloudy/Wind Speed
(High/Low) and Direction/Dew Point/Pressure) at each time in the following cities.
a. Toronto, Ontario
b. New York City
c. Four Corners (between Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Wyoming)
d. Seattle, Washington
e. San Antonio, Texas
Using the weather maps you created, forecast the weather conditions for Wednesday at Noon (12
hours from the last conditions) in
a. Toronto, Ontario
b. New York City
c. Winnipeg, Manitoba
1) Use your weather notes to help you. Refer to them for help understanding the terms and how
to draw the maps.
2) When making your weather report for the current conditions you will need to look at ALL three
maps you created. Some information can be taken directly from the maps.
3) For there to be cloud cover over a region/city, it will need
a. Moist air (temperature and dew point are close)
b. An area of low pressure (makes it easier for clouds to form)
c. Cooler temperatures moving in.
4) Most severe weather (rain, storms, high winds) occur when clouds for AND a clear front is
present too. (A large abrupt jump in temperature.)
5) When forecasting the future conditions, you will need to examine both sets of maps together.
Examine the fronts/pressure areas and how far they have moved in the last 12 hours to help;
you predict where they will be 12 hours in the future.