The new DLW Linoleum Collection from Armstrong

The new DLW Linoleum Collection from Armstrong
A color system for environmentally
sustainable flooring
“No compromises” was the motto that guided the development
of Armstrong’s new DLW Linoleum Collection: none on
environmental sustainability, design, color range, quality or
performance characteristics.
Environmental considerations are playing an increasingly
important role in how manufacturing materials are selected. As
the significance of these factors rises, building planners must
constantly become more socially responsible. This is why DLW
Linoleum is the recognized classic among Armstrong product
lines. Composed of plant- and mineral-based raw materials
(about 80% of which are renewable), DLW Linoleum is the
perfect example of a product manufactured in an environmentfriendly way and with the conservation of natural resources in
mind. Over its entire lifespan, DLW Linoleum has an almost
neutral carbon footprint and is made according to traditional
specifications, without the use of chemical softening agents,
chlorine, or heavy metals. DLW Linoleum has received several
eco-labels, the “Blue Angel” among others, in recognition of its
environment-friendly properties. Armstrong, located in the
northern German city of Delmenhorst, remains the sole
manufacturer of high-quality linoleum under the tried and true
DLW brand. In the commitment to tradition and quality,
Armstrong will continue to use the “Made in Germany” label with
A color-coordination system for flooring
We went to nature’s vast array of perfectly harmonized nuances
in color for our inspiration in designing the latest palettes for the
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– 2 –
DLW Linoleum Collection. We were also guided in this project
by the requests of numerous European architects. With the
collaboration of color design expert Peter Zoernack, a
comprehensive color system was developed for the established
Marmorette, Colorette, Uni Walton, Granette, and Linodur DLW
lines. The system is organized around and closely based on the
“color sphere” conceived by Johannes Itten, whose theory
opens up an entire panoply of possible color combinations and
variations. Zoernack derives from each tone in Itten’s color
sphere three separate shadings: for example, from the dusky
Blackberry Purple to Purple Sun to the bright Purple Rain. Each
of these shadings can be used in combination with the others
from the same color tone, or with other harmonious or
complementary tones. At the particular request of our
architectural consultants, the range of gray-black tones was
intensively expanded, with finely nuanced gradations in shading,
from cool to warm.
Structural variety: Marmorette and Granette
The beauty of Marmorette is timeless. Due to its fine, even and
non-directional marbling, it has become the most popular of the
DLW Linoleum floor coverings. Armstrong offers a unique
diversity of colors in this collection: 56 shades distributed among
18 color zones. Each tone is subdivided into three levels of
shading, so that each of the three levels has a consistent
brightness and intensity throughout the 18 colors. This makes
for better tonal integration, even among quite disparate tones.
Our two gray tones comprise no less than four levels from bright
to dark, with warm or cool nuances. Armstrong offers
Marmorette in every color of the rainbow, while striving to
ensure the natural appearance of each one. Colors such as
Cranberry Red, Amber Yellow, and Moss Green are therefore
now available.
– 3 –
Thanks to the improved color organization of our catalog,
designers and architects are now able to take in the spectrum of
our colors in one visual sweep, quickly finding just the right
nuance. Sheets come in thicknesses of 2 mm, 2.5 mm, and 3.2
mm. Marmorette 2.0 is treated with the PUR Eco System;
Marmorette 2.5 is available with PUR or LPX treatment; and
Marmorette 3.2 is LPX-treated. Virtually invisible camouflaging
weld rods that give the effect of a seamless surface are
available for each color.
The Granette Collection with its attractive granular appearance
has undergone considerable expansion, thus affording a broad
array of natural looks. Armstrong has instilled an entirely new
tonality in this collection, while at the same time diversifying into
24 colors from the original six. The gentle colors of nature
inspire themes like sand, earth, leaf, grass and water. As with
Marmorette, each of the eight Granette color ranges consist of
three levels of brightness, making possible numerous new
creative combinations. All colors come in 2.5 mm thickness with
PUR treatment. Camouflaging weld rods are also available for
Granette flooring, achieving a seamless, one-piece appearance.
Monochrome classics: Uni Walton and Colorette
The DLW Linoleum Collection’s Uni Walton is the favorite of
purists. Esthetic and elegant, Uni Walton unites the spirit of
today with the monochrome color classics of the Bauhaus
school. The new collection consists of 20 patterns, with gray
tones having been particularly expanded. A warm gray range
and a cool gray range have been created, each featuring four
degrees of lightness. From a uniquely near-white gray to a
dramatic black, these neutrals offer great freedom of design.
DLW Uni Walton is available in thicknesses of 2.5 mm and 3.2
mm, and both are treated with Armstrong’s protective PUR Eco
– 4 –
Colorette takes its name from the collection’s intense, brilliant
colors. In addition to five dynamic colors, the recently introduced
collection now features seven natural tones, each in light and
dark, as well as a range of grays perfectly graduated in five
degrees of lightness. Little princesses will be delighted by the
dazzling pink, while creative spirits will find inspiration in the
many potential combinations of colors. From Azure Blue to
Banana Yellow, the Collection conjures dramatic worlds of color
in floor design and visual highlights. On the other hand, the
more reserved palette of colors in the Colorette Collection
presents an interesting alternative to the monochromes of the
Uni Walton Collection. Sheets come in both 2.5 mm and 3.2 mm
thicknesses, and are treated with high-quality PUR Eco System
protective coating.
Indestructible Linodur
At 4 mm thick, and with a high cork content, Linodur can handle
the most punishment of the entire DLW Linoleum line. Available
in nine dynamic colors, from Spring Blue to Lava Red, it is ideal
for industrial or other high-traffic buildings. Linodur is so tough, it
is even recommended for areas where forklifts are operated. For
spaces requiring static dissipative flooring, there is Linodur LCH.
Linodur is protected with LPX, and weld rods embedded in the
linoleum ensure a perfectly concealed seam.
Marmorette for specialized needs
Acoustic, a special version of Marmorette flooring, is also
available. Its two-ply combination of 2 mm linoleum with 2 mm
cork provides a natural impact noise-dampening effect and
walking comfort. It also retains its elasticity, favorably resists
rolling, and provides a high degree of thermal insulation.
– 5 –
Like Linodur LCH, Marmorette LCH is a static dissipative version
suitable for areas that require a discharge resistance of up to
1x108 ohms. Marmorette LCH is protected with LPX surface
finish and is available in thicknesses of 2.5 mm and 3.2 mm.
Practical features
While DLW is renowned for its esthetic quality, it is also a
favorite on account of its practical features. Easy to care for and
requiring only minimal cleaning, DLW Linoleum is highly elastic
and provides a comfortable, non-skid walking surface. With its
high wood-content, it is warm to the foot and ideal for floorheated environments. In addition, it is anti-static, meaning that it
does not accumulate dust. Being extremely resistant to abrasion
and wear-and-tear, linoleum enjoys a long life. It is also a
hygienic floor covering, since it can be laid seamlessly and is by
its very composition naturally anti-bacterial. DLW Linoleum
passed Germany’s stringent Toy DIN EN 71-3 standard with
first-class results. It is thus the perfect choice for kindergartens,
day-care centers, children’s clinics, schools, and of course for
children’s bedrooms.
Protective surface coverings
Armstrong provides two types of surface treatment for DLW
Linoleum. These protect the product from dampness and dirt
and facilitate cleaning: the time-tested basic surface guard LPX
Finish and the excellent PUR Eco System protection. Thanks to
these two treatments, DLW requires only basic cleaning. And
with the PUR Eco System, maintenance costs are reduced and
the product’s sustainability is further enhanced through
improved wear resistance. Cleaning is meanwhile less timeconsuming and requires less water and detergent. DLW
Linoleum treated with PUR Eco System is stain- and chemicalresistant, even against hand- and surface-disinfectants, making
– 6 –
it ideal for health facilities, such as hospitals, seniors’
residences, and nursing homes.
Photo captions:
Armstrong Lino Uni Walton
Uni Walton is the purist’s favorite within the DLW Linoleum
Collection. The monochromes unite Bauhaus color classics with
the spirit of today. The newcomer in the collection is a bright,
almost-white, pale gray.
Photo: Armstrong
Armstrong Lino Colorette
In addition to five bold colors, Colorette now features seven
nature-oriented tones in light and dark, as well as five degrees
of gray.
Photo: Armstrong/Werner Huthmacher
Armstrong Lino Marmorette Farbkreis
The new DLW Linoleum palette is derived from Johannes Ittens’
color sphere, opening up a whole new perspective on color
variations and combinations.
Photo: Armstrong
Color designer Peter Zoernack conceived each color as a trinity
of varying shades - from, for example, Blackberry Purple to
Purple Sun to Purple Rain.
Photo: Armstrong
The new organization of colors contained in the Floor catalog
from Armstrong allows designers and architects to take in the
various colors in one visual sweep, finding the desired nuance
more quickly.
Photo: Armstrong
– 7 –
The completely new, nature-oriented colors of the finely granular
Granette Collection interpret themes such as sand, earth, leaf,
grass and water.
Photo: Armstrong