Science Chapter 1 Test Notes

Science Chapter 1 Test Notes
1. A group of tissues that work together to perform a
certain function is an organ.
2. The system that turns food into nutrients that body
cells need is the digestive system.
3. The heart, blood vessels, and blood make up the
circulatory system.
4. A group of organs and tissues that exchange
oxygen and carbon dioxide is the respiratory
5. The bones that give the body structure make up
the skeletal system.
6. The muscles and tendons that move bones make
up the muscular system.
7. The system that directs activities of all other body
systems is called the nervous system.
8. A group of cells that work together to perform a
certain function is a tissue.
9. The basic unit of structure and function of all
living things is a cell.
10. The nucleus directs a cell’s activities.
11. A cell wall is only found in a plant cell.
12. Connective tissue forms bones, tendons &
13. The liquid part of blood cells is called plasma.
14. Involuntary muscle tissue forms the walls of the
1. Be able to compare the organelles in a cell to
organs in a human body and how are organelles
and cells similar.
2. Nick read that the skin is the largest organ of the
human body. What could Nick infer about the
number and kinds of tissues that make up the
skin? (infer = tell us based on what you know)