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SLS Weekly Digest
January 20, 2012
“Libraries are very important to our communities and our State,” Senator Farley said. “They provide
educational services and opportunities to people of all ages. Whether you are learning to read, doing
a school project, advancing your education, learning new skills, seeking a job, pursuing your hobbies
and interests, seeking access to the Internet or simply looking for a good book to read, libraries offer
a wide variety of resources and services to the public.”
-State Senator Hugh T. Farley, January 10, 2012
School Library System Professional Collection Highlight (available via ILL)
Sex, Brains, and Video Games: A Librarians Guide to Teens in the Twenty-first Century
By Jennifer Burek Pierce
“How do we best reach our teen patron? Young adult librarians and others who serve them constantly
strive to better understand this often unpredictable audience. In this insightful guide, Jennifer Burek
Pierce provides a fascinating look at today’s teen through the lens of neurological and educational
research in the context of library services. She challenges librarians to question their assumptions
about teens patrons and provides new answers based on research findings.”
75 Outrageous Ways Librarians Can Impact Student Achievement in Grades K-8
By Laurie Thelen
“A storehouse guide of powerful, standards-based, fun lessons to be taught in the school library. Use
lessons that range from involving the whole community to focusing on a specific grade or subject
area. Motivate students and inspire collaboration with these 75 fully developed lessons.”
Sara Kelly Johns Honored by NYLA
Sara Kelly Johns, the 2011 Administrative Breakfast keynote, was awarded with the NYLA Lifetime
Achievement Award
Libraries Matter: See the Light!
Libraries are and will always be the cornerstones of every community. It's time we properly fund
them-- starting right now. See the light.
It would be great if your students could create a video to promote your school library. School Library
System has a camcorder to borrow if you would like to try.
Photos on the SLS website
We finally have a few photos from the most recent Administrative Breakfast up on our website. Both
2011 and 2012 photos are now in a slide show format. Thanks to Tina Rogers for the info on Picture
Trail, which is where the slide shows were created!
Interlibrary Loans
There is still some confusion with the new interlibrary loan procedures. Please refer to the ILL
Delivery/Mailing Procedures document, found on the interlibrary loan page of the SLS website.
If you have questions, please contact us. The three most common problems: 1.The CIDER label
sheet for MO and OH BOCES transactions—this should be kept as a whole sheet, not cut up.
2.Changing the way you send books to each other or to us at the SLS—the procedure hasn’t
changed for ill’s within the Jefferson-Lewis BOCES system, whether it’s a CIDER transaction or an
ICICILL transaction. 3. Pull slips—these MUST be included with each item you send. With one
exception (which isn’t exactly the best way to keep track of your ill’s but, will work):
When sending a book that has been requested through ICICILL email, if you do not put it into ICICILL
or CIDER before sending, (and therefore would generate the needed pull slip) then please print off
the email message listing the request and WRITE YOUR SCHOOL NAME AND CODE on it and send
it with the item. This will be an immense help to the lending library.
New York reading lists have been recently updated on!
Online resources to help you teach the 2012 books include: Lesson plans,
Book trailers, Author name pronunciations
Multimedia interviews with authors and illustrators
Access them from the home page:
Click on the "Reading List Resources" icon.
Or, click on these direct links to New York's Reading List Resources:
3 Apples Book Award, 2012 for Grades 3-6
2012 Charlotte Award, Middle School Division for Grades 6-8
... see ALL New York Reading List Resources.
If asked to sign in, here are access directions for Jefferson-Lewis BOCES SLS:
Go to ,Enter your email address (optional) OR
Username: (leave blank), Password: jlsls
Gale Trial starts 01/13/2012 and ends on 02/12/2012
Direct URL
2012 eBook Trial trial
This trial has been updated since an email notification of the trial was sent out earlier this week. I
have asked for a few more eBooks to be added to the trial. In the mean time you can start to browse
the eBooks that are here.
From Gale: You may need to adjust your firewall or proxy to include the appropriate domain(s). We
encourage you to use wildcards when configuring firewall or proxy. To see a list of domains, please
What is Espresso Elementary? Free Trial
Espresso Elementary, for Pre-K to 5, is an online cross-curricular, multimedia learning site with a
wide range of interactive, video-rich resources that inspire children to learn. It takes a “real world”
approach to learning, empowering students with familiar examples to reinforce a learning objective.
Espresso is built around “learning modules”, a unique combination of full screen video clips,
multimedia activities, games, photos, printable worksheets, interactive fact files, and fun lively
characters all working in conjunction towards curriculum objectives.
Their weekly “News Roundup”videos and USA Today articles also bring current events into the
classroom through topical, age-appropriate stories helping your students understand the world
around them.
All Espresso resources are mapped to both the Common Core and New York state standards.
Furthermore, “Module Guides” show teachers, at-a-glance, how resources support the Common Core
standards and then provide useful suggestions of how to use the specific resources - guiding
questions, lesson ideas, and prompts help the teacher ensure they are meeting the depth of learning
required by the standards.
How can I try Espresso for myself?
1. Visit the Espresso website:
2. Enter the Group code: ny_jlhho in the top right hand corner
3. Fill in the web form to set up your own username and password
You will now be able to login and explore Espresso for yourself.
Where can I get more information?
Visit the Espresso Education website: to find out more about Espresso
including subject coverage, testimonials from Espresso users and what’s included in a subscription to
You can also contact April Bliss, School Library System Coordinator at the School library System
of Jefferson-Lewis BOCES with any questions, including the special pricing options available to the
New York State schools. Email: Phone: 315-377-7350
"The more I use this site the more I find so many ways to use it in my classroom. Current events
linked with USA Today articles really assists my students with informational text. My plan is to use
News Roundup every Friday for the rest of this school year! The visuals, and various activities my
students use, individually or with whole groups using our SMARTBoard, allow students active, not
passive learning."
Debbie Dermady, Teacher, Guardino Elementary School. Thousand Islands CSD, NY
National Endowment for the Humanities Division of Preservation and Access
The National Endowment for the Humanities’ Division of Preservation and Access has offered
Preservation Assistance Grants for Smaller Institutions for more than a decade. These grants help
small and mid-sized cultural heritage institutions such as libraries, museums, historical societies,
archival repositories, town and county records offices, and colleges and universities improve their
ability to preserve and care for their humanities collections. Awards of up to $6000 support
preservation related collection assessments, consultations, training and workshops, and institutional
and collaborative disaster and emergency planning. Preservation Assistance Grants also support
education and training in best practices for sustaining digital collections, standards for digital
preservation, and the care and handling of collections during digitization. Institutions may request
funds for a preservation assessment of digital collections. NEH does not fund digitization or the
development of digital programs in this grant category.
All applications to the NEH must be submitted through See the application guidelines for
The 2012 guidelines for Preservation Assistance Grants for Smaller Institutions are available at You will also find sample project descriptions, sample
narratives, and a list of frequently asked questions. The deadline for applications is May 1, 2012.
Small and mid-sized institutions that have never received an NEH grant and those considering
projects in digital preservation are especially encouraged to apply.
For more information, contact the staff of NEH's Division of Preservation and Access at 202-606-8570
Previously Printed
Resource Sharing Package Includes ICEPAC/ICICILL and the SLS eBook Access
Please find linked the ICEPACICICILL 2012 purchase memo.
This resource sharing package includes ICEPAC/ICICILL and the SLS eBook access. Each school
district will need to submit a copy of the resource sharing purchase agreement with the signature of
their Superintendent of Schools or Business Manager to the School Library System. If you have any
questions, please contact the SLS office. Thanks to the schools that have already returned the
authorization form!
NYLA SnapshotNY Week
NYLA is encouraging all libraries to participate in this year’s SnapshotNY Week that documents a day
in the life of your library during the weeks of either February 12th - 18th or February 19th - 25th.
The New Jersey Library Association initiated this advocacy/public awareness campaign and ALA has
encouraged all state chapters to follow suit. The purpose of the initiative is to provide the public,
administrators, state and local funders with both factual data and testimonials that detail the essential
nature of libraries to our communities, schools and colleges.
The website has been updated and awaits your participation by collecting
the info/testimonials and filling out the online survey. If you have any questions, please do not
hesitate to contact me. The deadline for submitting the information/photos/videos is February 29th ,
which will give us a week to collate the info and have it ready for Library Advocacy Day on Tuesday,
March 6th.
In addition, Communication Services and NYLA have developed Library Champion logos that your
library can post on its website to encourage patrons, users, students, etc to become library
advocates. The icon will link to the NYLA website where they can send letters find out more about
our legislative priorities, etc. The more folks we have in our database of library advocates the more
messages we can send to the Governor and Legislature (and local elected officials as well).
CoSer 528 Database Order Form
Please be aware that the 528 database form is available at
SLS only needs one form completed per district by February 1, 2012.
WorldBook Trial
Find the trial at: ID: Americas PWs: tiger (1/3 2/7) cattle (2/5 - 3/16) Attached to the newsletter email is a one page flyer for the trial.
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