Rental Agreement - Muncie Unity Center

Unity Center
515 E. 9th Street
Muncie, IN 47305
Name of Organization___________________________________________________________
Contact Name: ________________________________________________________________
Contact Address and Phone Number: ______________________________________________
Type of Event: ________________________________________________________________
Event Date: _______________
Time for the Event: ______________________________
Room(s) Requested: ___________________________ Total # of hours: ________________
Number of participants expected: _____________ Adults: _______
Will refreshments be served: Yes or
Children: ________
** Please note that the kitchen is not part of the rental agreement and shall not be used
during this event. In addition, no chairs, tables or equipment shall be moved from the kitchen or
used during this event.
Cost of Rental Agreement: $25.00 per hour
50% of rental agreement shall be paid upon reservation
Total amount to be paid: $___________
Amount paid at reservation: $ _________
User Responsibilities
a. Users agree to be responsible for the cost of repair or replacement if the Unity
Center Community Center space or its equipment, furniture, fixtures or other
appliances are damaged.
b. User agrees to use the Unity Center Community Center space solely for the
purpose stated above. User also agrees to be present at the function and assume
responsibility for the conduct of all guests. User agrees that children and
adolescents will be supervised at all times.
c. User agrees to ensure that the Unity Center Community Center is a
nonsmoking facility and agrees to ensure that guests do not smoke on the
d. User agrees to be responsible for ensuring that no alcoholic beverages are
served on the premises before, during and immediately following the event.
e. User agrees that the following actions will take place at the end of the rental term:
i. All lights turned out
ii. All surfaces wiped down, including tables, countertops, chairs and
iii. Floor shall be vacuumed
iv. All furniture returned to original position
v. All doors locked
vi. All trash to be placed in appropriate bins
Fees & Deposit
a. Upon signing this agreement, user agrees to pay a deposit fee of $
_______________ by check or money order payable to Unity Center Inc. for the
rental of the Unity Center Community Center. Said deposit shall be applied
toward the total rental fee.
Management’s Right to Reimbursement
a. User shall agree to reimburse Unity Center Inc. for all costs of repairing damage
to the community center and any damage to the floors, fixtures, furniture, walls or
appliances if damaged during the rental period.
a. To the extent permitted by law, User shall indemnify and hold harmless the Unity
Center Inc and its respective officers, directors, board members, and employees
from and against all fines, suits, damages, losses and actions (including attorney
fees) arising out of, or relating to, all acts, failures, omissions and negligence of
the User, his or her agents, employees, visitors, guests, invitees and contractors
arising out of, or in any way, relating to User’s rental of the Unity Center
Community Center space. This indemnification shall apply both to claims of
third parties and to claims of the User or any guest of the User.
I have read and understand the rule and regulations of the Unity Center governing the use/rental
of the Unity Center as listed herein. The group I represent and/or I agree to strictly observe these
rule and regulations and this agreement holds me or the group I represent solely responsible for
any damage to the Unity Center property located at 515 E. 9th Street, Muncie, Indiana or to the
property owned by the Muncie Housing Authority located at 1600 S. Madison Street, Muncie,
Signature: ________________________ Title: _____________________ Date: __________
Printed Name: ______________________________ Telephone: ________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________________
Unity Board Member signature: __________________________________ Date: ___________
Name of Organization: __________________________________________________________
Permit Accepted: _________________
Permit Denied: ________________________
Date Deposit received: _____________
Amount of Deposit: ____________________
Certificate of Insurance must be presented to the Unity Center within 3 days of the event
Rental Agreement approved by: __________________________________________________