Hosmer`s skink - Animal Capers

Hosmer’s Skink
Egernia hosmeri
Life span: up to 12-15 years. Size: 20-25cms
Breeding: 2-3 years old depending on size, mate in spring/summer, 1-6
live young are born in late summer and are miniatures of their parents
when born.
Habit: Terrestrial and arboreal, found in colonies on rocky ranges and
outcrops basking in the sun. When disturb they retreat into a rock
crevice or hollow log.
Diet: Mainly insects, spiders, native berries and fruits.
Conservation: Populations are stable
Found: Dry tropics to arid regions, in rocky ranges and outcrops
*All Australia Native Animals are protected by the Fauna Protection Act. For more information call
National Parks and Wildlife S.A ph: 81244972 or www.wildlifepermit.sa.gov.au