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Nicolas Mouard
Caroline Austin Bolt
Rhetoric 1302
23 August 2019
What changed my life.
When people think about rappers, they think about a drug addict gang member
that release songs about violence. A$AP Rocky introduced himself to the world in 2001. Instead
of coming out as a rapper, he decided that the music industry needed a change. He decided to
create a new movement, a new family, the A$AP family. While this was happening, I started to
get into rap. The first time I heard his music, I was drawn in towards the combinations of the
slow beat and the acoustic rapping with the wild beats. Instantly A$AP rocky gained fans due to
his uniqueness. The A$AP family quickly expanded adding new members like A$AP Ferg and
A$AP Yams who both added their unique flows to new songs. But for me, it was more than just
rapping. A$AP broke the stereotype that to be a famous rapper you have to be a gangster; He
spoke out about the idea that you didn't have to die for the streets, you could be more than the
just the streets.
ASAP Rocky music is unique in which he makes you dream. Listening to ASAP
Rocky I wanted to party, I wanted to live life. Listening to A$AP Rocky helped find new friends
during middle school because the A$AP family and its followers all respected and loved each
other. That for me is why A$AP Rocky is so important for me because it led me to meet new
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people that would become my best friends. He taught me to live my life and to enjoy it.
Whenever I'm feeling down all it takes is an A$AP song to remind me that today is just one of
many days that I'm blessed to be happy.
Most importantly, he taught me the importance of having a family, whether it's
your parents or a group of friends having a family that can have your back no matter what you
do. He taught me that I'm never alone and that the ASAP family will always be there to help me
even if they are strangers. What I respect the most about him is his humbleness, even with all the
fame he has. Recently he was arrested in Sweden on false attack charges. Sadly not everyone in
the world believes in his vision of a world in which inspires peace and love. Some still think that
because he is a rapper, he has that hate culter. The same people who arrested him hoped he
would retaliate like most rappers, but A$AP isn't a typical rapper. Hopefully, because of media
coverage, people will realize that all he wants is a world with peace and love, not retaliation to
look cool. He didn't want to fit in with the stigma of gang rapping, and because of this A$AP
Rocky.A$AP Rocky since day one has been spreading his message and to the day I die I will
continue to spread his word in the hope that one day the world can be better.