Yes, No, It Depends: Making Tough Decisions - Colorado 4-H

Activity #5
Yes, No, It Depends: Making Tough
Author: Melissa Ring
"Materials reprinted with permission from Ohio State University."
GPP(s): 1-10
Group Size: 5-50
Length of Activity: 15-20 min
Youth are faced with a variety of situations where tough decisions have to be
made. The purpose of a livestock project is to teach young people how to feed, fit and
show their animals. However, the more important purpose of this program is to provide
an opportunity for personal growth and development. In the area of Meat Quality
Assurance, youth producers are faced with multiple decisions that require ethical
judgment calls between what is “right” and “wrong”.
Provide and opportunity for youth to explore and examine different situations to
try to understand the concept of “right” and “wrong” in regards to their livestock
Give the opportunity for youth members to examine their own decision making
Materials and Supplies:
Signs, each with the word “Yes”, “No”, or “It Depends” on them. Each student
should get one of each.
Sample situation sheet (one to read from)
Activity Description:
 Prepare the Decision Signs (each sign should be on a different color poster.
Example all “Yes” signs should be on blue poster etc.)
Prepare the sample situations for youth to evaluate. A few samples are included
with this activity.
 Distribute the Decision Signs to each of the members. Each member should get
one “Yes”, “No” and “It Depends” signs.
 Explain that you will read situations to them aloud and after you complete the
situation you will ask what they think is the appropriate answer.
 The “Yes” sign indicates the situation is a good thing, “No” indicates it is a bad
thing, and “It Depends” indicates that they are not sure and they require more
information to make a decision.
 Follow up each situation with a discussion about why the situation was
right/wrong or why more information was needed.
Decision Situation Examples:
Example: You see someone giving an injection to their sheep in the show barn you are
Answer would probably be “It Depends”
 More information is needed to determine the situation. The person administering
the injection could have been a veterinarian. Not enough is known to determine
right or wrong at this time.
Example: While showing, the person in front of you can’t get their heifer to go forward.
You help them out by nudging their heifer to move along.
Answer would probably be “Yes”.
 Helping out a fellow member shows good sportsmanship skills.
Example: An exhibitor near you is giving their hog antibiotics to treat an infection
Answer- It Depends- More information is needed
 Will the animal meet the exhibition regulations considering the withdraw period
for that antibiotic?
 Perhaps the exhibitor already withdrew from the exhibition. There is not enough
known about the situation to make a judgment call.
Using these examples as a guide create some more situations that could be considered
right, wrong or in between. Feel free to use real life examples you have encountered.
Example: You see your friend removing water from their Holstein heifer so it makes
weight for the fair weigh-in
Answer- No!
 The heifer should have plenty of fresh clean water!