1920s/1930s Newspaper Project - WorldHistory

1920s/1930s Newspaper Project
Goal: Students will learn about a variety of events and people from this era of history.
Assignment: Students will develop a newspaper to cover events and people from the 1920s and 1930s. All of
the articles will be researched and written by the students. Plagiarism is not allowed! Students will be in
groups of 2. Newspapers may be done on “Publisher” software or articles may be written and put on poster
paper like an actual newspaper.
Article titles will be size 18, Bold, Times New Roman font
Article text will be size 12 font, regular, Times New Roman
Both right and left margins will be ½ inch
The newspaper will consist of text columns of equal width
Each article will be short (4-6 inches in length)
Pictures used should go with an article, not just to take up space. All pictures should have a caption.
Do not use vulgar or inappropriate words, phrases, or pictures in your newspaper. This will result in a
major point deduction.
Save all of your research!! You may have to prove you didn’t plagiarize.
Every article will have the name of the student that it was written by. Plagiarism will result in a zero.
Every article will have the date that the event covered occurred.
Each newspaper may contain articles from the years 1919 to 1939.
You will have a minimum twenty articles..
Your newspaper will be full of articles
You will lose points for any unused or wasted space in your newspaper
Measure your columns carefully so that they will cover the entire page left to right
Each person/group is required to work on their project in class, as well as for homework. Each article
must have the author’s name.
You are expected you to bring your research and articles to class every day to work on during the time I
set aside for group work.
The project is due on the due date assigned. If it is late for any reason, you will lose points.
Each newspaper should have the following sections: Each paper should have at 3 articles in each section.
State and Local
o Save everything. If you lose all of your articles and cannot complete your newspaper on time points will
be deducted.
o Know where each article will go & you know that everything will fit properly.
o Proofread everything and get others to proofread everything again.
**Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in a zero for the project. Changing a few words does not
make it your work; you still got everything from another source. Paraphrasing or summarizing other sources is
very dangerous too. If something is “common knowledge” you can summarize/paraphrase. However,
“common knowledge” is a very tricky term. If you have questions about plagiarism, or what is and isn’t
common knowledge, ask.
Possible subjects for articles:
Al Capone
Joseph Stalin
Henry Ford
Calvin Coolidge
Franklin Roosevelt
Adolf Hitler
Mao Zedong
Vladimir Lenin
Babe Ruth
Lou Gerhig
Jack Dempsey
Benito Mussolini
Mahatma Gandhi
Amelia Earhart
Salvador Dali
Sigmund Freud
Red Grange
Mary Pickford
Herbert Hoover
Jesse Owens
Harlem Renaissance
Jazz Age
Ku Klux Klan
The New Deal
19th Amendment
Bolshevik Revolution
Scopes Monkey Trial
Sacco and Vanzetti Case
The Red Scare
Stock Market Crash
Lindbergh’s Flight
Penicillin discovered
St. Valentine’s Day Massacre
King Tut’s Tomb Discovered
21st Amendment
The Dust Bowl
Spanish Civil War
Hindenburg Disaster
Night of Broken Glass
The First Radio
Rudolph Valentino
Charlie Chaplin
Albert Einstein
Chiang Kai-shek
Empire State Building
Rape of Nanking
War of the Worlds
Stalin’s Famine Genocide
Beer Hall Putsch
Mickey Mouse
Japan Invades Manchuria
Mein Kampf
Germany occupies the Rhineland
The Jazz Singer
The Great Purge
The Long March
The Salt March
The Munich Conference
Check Chapters 30-31 for others ideas or search the
internet for more possible articles.