Plate Tectonics / Earth`s Interior & Geological Time

Direction, cardinal, intercardinal
Scale- direct statement, representative fraction,
Plate Tectonics
Geological Time – era, epoch, period, age, etc – see notes.
Relative and absolute time
Notes on earth’s crust – oceanic crust & continental crust – age,
Plate boundaries – converging, diverging, strike slip fault zone.
See notes & diagrams.
Diagrams of earth’s upper layers – handouts- upper mantle,
asthenosphere, oceanic crust etc.
Review the map on earth’s plates – North American, Pacific,
Nazca, Gorda, Juan de Fuca , Caribbean …etc
Rock Cycle – and questions and answers on rocks produced by this
process – especially intrusive and extrusive igneous rock. Review
diagram on rock cycle
3 types of rocks and characteristics of each
Three types of volcanoes. Characteristics of each volcano.
Earthquakes and terms associated with them. Review chapter on
Gradational forces
Wave erosion and deposition- features created by wave erosion.
3 stages of river development and diagram of each
Deserts- location, names and erosional/depositional features
Glaciers- continental and alpine differences between the two
Weathering- types and characteristics of each(physical, chemical,