Nelson Literacy Vocabulary

Nelson Literacy Vocabulary and Spelling Words
Canada’s Links to the World
A Trading Nation
Condenses shortens
Exports sells goods to another country
Imports buys goods from another country
International between or among nations
Producer a person who grows or makes things that are to be used or
consumed by others
Quantities the amounts or numbers of something
Sweetener a thing that sweetens
Trade the process of buying and selling goods and services
The Top of the World
ambassador a high-ranking diplomat sent by one government or ruler to another
dramatically noticeably; suddenly
nosedive a sudden, sharp drop
permafrost permanently frozen ground or subsoil
preserving keeping from harm or change
treeline the point beyond which trees do not grow because of climatic conditions
simile a figure of speech that compares two different things or ideas usually by
means of like or as
Meet the Neighbours
distinguishing telling apart or noticing the difference
head honcho the person in charge
overshadowed made to feel or appear less important than someone or something
scenario an outline of a sequence of events of a real or imagined situation
top dog the most important or powerful person
Mike Lazaridis and the BlackBerry
convenient easy to use
forerunner an earlier object that had a function similar to something coming
influential having the power to cause any effect or change
manuals books that help readers to understand or use something
predecessor something that has been followed or replaced by something else
profitable providing a financial gain
specialize concentrate on a particular subject or activity
subscribers people who arrange to receive something regularly by paying in
unveiled shown or announced publicly for the first time
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Animation: Made in Canada, Exported to the World
animating giving life to or making alive
animation the process of making animated cartoons or computer-generated
moving images
animator a person who makes the drawings for an animated movie or video
drudgery hard, boring work
virtual made by software to appear to exist physically
Mapping Canada’s Links
curry a hot-tasting sauce or powder containing a mixture of spices
global of Earth as a whole
origin the beginning of something’s existence
plantains large banana-like fruit
theme the subject of a talk or piece of writing